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Big Picture, The Pt. 1 of 2 (D-Day Convoy To Normandy)

Reel Number: 250004-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1953,1944

Country: England,United Kingdom,USA


TC Begins: 07:57:39

TC Ends: 08:14:12

Duration: 00:16:33

Title montage. Pt 1 of 2 07:58:19 Sgt. James Mansfield introduces re D-Day, 06Jun44. SOF 07:59:12 MS Col. William W. Quinn behind desk, SOF reviews points about infantry & their weapons in the atomic age in Korea today. Talks about meeting w/ Gen. Spaatz & Hermann Goering when Goering said Germany could not have won the war w/o the invasion of Normandy as Germany had to divert manpower from industry that was working to put jets in the air against the Allied bombers. 08:05:01 FDR, Stalin & Churchill pose at Tehran. Gen. Eisenhower w/ other military at table. Illustration showing Germany 7th, 15th & 19th locations in France; Cherbourg as target for foothold in France. 08:05:40 POV past rows of equipment stockpiled & moving in to England. Soldiers arriving; training on coast beaches on southern coach w/ explosions & flame-throwers. 08:06:22 Twin-engine bombers overhead; POV over European villages; four-engine bombers dropping bombs; explosions. GOOD. 08:06:48 Fighters & GSAP footage of dogfights. 08:07:07 Training troops getting orders, MCU & CUs. Boarding trucks & convoy thru countryside & villages. Tanks, DUKWs. GOOD. 08:07:49 Gas masks, life belts, rations, cigarettes, candy, French money issued. 08:08:15 Units briefed in field & beginning to move to docks & embarkation. 08:09:06 Thru towns, along docks & loading aboard ships. 08:09:54 Infantry marching w/ weapons, packs & thru towns. Boarding ships; assault boats & onto transport ships in harbor. 08:11:48 LS of ships filling English harbor; pan acrpss w/ barrage balloons above. Men playing cards; w/ pet puppy dog; reading; napping / sleeping. Navy sailors & army infantry briefed. Cleaning & preparing weapons, boots. 08:12:55 Naval officers aboard USS Augusta. 08:13:09 Airborne paratroops boarding buses; motorcycles leading convoy down country road; off buses. 08:13:37 Bombers overhead intercut w/ aerial of ships moving out. bombardment w/ GOOD explosions. 08:14:01 Ships underway from in front. WW2; WWII Normandy Invasion; 06Jun44; 1944; NOTE: Sound may have problems. NOTE: Any continuous 14 minutes of entire film sold at per reel rate.

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