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Claws For The Eagle Pt 1 of 2

Reel Number: H1719-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1968

Country: USA

Location: Illinois,New York,Rock Island,Watervliet Arsenal

TC Begins: 10:00:01

TC Ends: 10:14:12

Duration: 00:14:11

Titles. 10:00:38 Man into screening room, SOF to film describes picture: a report on development of modern weaponry used by the fighting men of the U.S. Army. “Courage & heroism, when pitted against superior weapons, add up to nothing more Martyrdom. Now the Army in times of crisis makes courage a daily requirement of the soldier; and not infrequently asks for & receives heroism. But Martyrdom is something else again. The Army seeks no martyrs from its ranks.... 10:03:12 Title: Claws For The Eagle: The Story of the United States Army Weapons Command. 10:03:33 Montage: tank at speed off bluff & into water; armored personnel carrier, APC, thru mud; camouflaged thru snow & woods, soldiers out; troops firing mortars; large self propelled artillery fired; field artillery fired. Explosions w/ black smoke on hillside of test range. 10:04:08 Montage: Black soldier loading & firing grenade launcher. Engineers / draftsmen at drawing boards; test shop; large manufacturing facility. 10:04:35 LS, high angle of traffic thru United States Army Weapons Command, headquartered at Rock Island, Illinois. Int. military & civilians meeting. Tanks tested; air to air of USAF jet w/ rocket; artillery. Tank followed by traffic on German city street. Men in staff meeting. Building at Rock Island Arsenal; other buildings. Factory workers working on equipment. 155 Howiter propulsion system - driving past. 10:06:11 Entrance to Cannon Center, Watervliet Arsenal New York. High angle pan over buildings w/ railroad sidings. Men working on large barrels. High angle over city & Hudson River. 10:06:36 Frankfurt Arsenal, Philadelphia. Guns, man working on optics of periscope. Building w/ sign: US Army Tank Automotive Center, Detroit, Michigan. Tank & self propelled vehicles testing. Manufacturing on large machines. Pan over industrial buildings. Interior: Testing in research programs; engineers & others working in offices, factory & warehouses. Three women & man at main frame computers (brief). 10:08:45 Soldiers in field crossing waist deep stream w/ rifles. 10:08:56 105mm Howitzer mounted on stand; previous model alongside, compared. New model fired. 10:09:48 Helicopter delivering; engineers working on minigun. Test fired at indoor range, 6000 rounds/min. 10:10:40 Operator raising radioactive Cobalt 60. Disassembling weapon, testing springs. Testing w/ machinery. Analog computer being used for research. High speed photography in testing. Steel, metallurgy, testing. Rubber tested. w/ additives. 10:12:53 All weather testing of lubricants & preservatives. Chemists electroplating testing. Studying whiskers of metals for compositing. USA Army Military Propaganda; ca1968; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate; or any continuous 14 minutes of both parts at per reel rate.

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