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Claws For The Eagle Pt 2 of 2

Reel Number: H1719-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1968

Country: USA

Location: Detroit Arsenal,Illinois,Michigan,New York,Rock Island,WArren,Watervliet Arsenal

TC Begins: 10:14:12

TC Ends: 10:28:33

Duration: 00:14:21

Pt 2 of 2 Men working in shop building prototype models; testing. Weight dropped on breech block to test. 10:14:58 Man attaching machine guns on helicopter, team hovering & testing. Nose mounted grenade launcher fired & explosions. Prototype APC, army personnel carrier, thru mud; in shop replacing motors. Engineers talking, discussing parts of weapons. Men at drafting board, inspecting parts. Tank being fitted in shop. Oher parts tested. Punch tape controlled automatic milling & drilling machines. 10:17:07 Ext. of large building of Procurement & Production Directorate. Interior w/ workers at desks, on telephones, writing at desk & typing. Planning, graphs. 10:17:53 Rocket launcher being fitted. Large room w/ paints mixed . Men talking & ordering. 10:18:18 Stockpiled weapons covered in canvas or plastic. Machine tools stored on pallets in Industrial Readiness Branch. Office workers in procurement. Officer checking figures at desk in barren corner of room. Technical data package spread out & labeled on table for M14 Rifle. 10:19:40 LS of office for Supply & Maintenance w/ workers; warehouse w/ cartons, forklift & men. Man at mainframe running punch cards for automation used to resupply & reorder. 10:20:47 Two men talking, Maintenance Branch. Disassemble rifle; train GIs in maintaining equipment. Military & civilians meeting around table. 10:21:35 Combat armored command & reconnaissance carrier across field; Self Propelled 155 Howitzer fired. 10:21:52 Illustrated drawing of Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle. Palleted M551 Sheridan light tank (weapons system) pulled from plane by parachute & in CU following briefly. M551 in water; CU turret turning. Moving thru brush. Firing shell; Shillelagh guided missile fired & exploding. Crew inside, tank in cross hairs explodes. 10:23:24 M60 tank out of factory. Test driven thru woods. Constructive version for Combat Engineers pushing w/ blade. M67 w/ flame-thrower demonstrated. Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge demonstrated. Tank firing conventional rounds & guided missile demonstrated. 10:24:33 XM16E1 rifle shown; various versions shown of M16 / AR15. Flash suppressor & ammunition shown. 10:25:27 Tank tested in cold temperature lab. 10:25:44 Summary: tubes lowered into water tank. Tanks on field; soldier in beret; weapons moved, tested, draftsmen / engineers. Office workers looking at illustrations of futuristic weapons & vehicles. Flying saucers. Moon surface & animation of rocket . 10:27:35 Soldier down muddy road; Weapons fired at night, tracers. Montage of scenes. 10:28:07 Closing statement by presenter in projection room. “Its nice to know that the claws of the eagle will remain lethal. The End. USA Army Military Propaganda; ca1968; United States Army Weapons Command; NOTE: M551 into service in 1967. NOTE: Sold at per reel rate; or any continuous 14 minutes of both parts at per reel rate.

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