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Cold War - Color, 1982 ca - Tomahawk: Sea-Launched / Ground-Launched Cruise Missile SLCM; GLCM

Reel Number: H1344-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1982

Country: USA

Location: At Sea

TC Begins: 10:51:55

TC Ends: 10:59:41

Duration: 00:07:46

Cold War - Color, 1982 ca - Tomahawk: Sea-Launched / Ground-Launched Cruise Missile SLCM; GLCM MCU Tracking w/ Tomahawk missile in flight over water; LS following over water; dissolve to flying over mountains. POV as though from belly of missile. 10:52:19 Towards camera thru screen suspended on poles & passing overhead. 10:52:27 Navy launching SLCM aka Slickum from torpedo tube w/ bubbles trailing. Out of water w/ rocket motor & wings deploying & dropping rocket motor. POV low from beneath. View over water. 10:53:12 Aerial of missile hitting target ship; hitting ships seen from onboard target ship. Good explosion. 10:53:35 SLCM out of water & over mountains, seen hitting net. 10:54:00 SLCM launched from submarine torpedo tube underwater w/ bubble trail; bursting out of water. 10:54:17 LS Battleship; MCU armored box launcher on board USS New Jersey (BB-62). CU missile leaving launcher seen from above & from deck & from air. 10:54:47 Destroyer USS Maryland launching 1981 flight test. 10:54:58 Navy test stand to vertically fire missile & diagram of location on ship & on submarine intercut w/ actual launches. 10:55:44 Desert & ground launched missile, GLCM. Europe map of NATO launch sites around USSR. Aerial of GLCM flying at tree-top level. 10:56:12 Trailer mounted launcher under trees & accompanying mobile launch centers w/ transporter truck along mountain road. 10:56:47 Diagram of storage in hardened shelters. Truck moving seen from ground & aerial. Launch control center set up & troops in camouflage uniforms inside at electronic panels w/ push screen computers. 10:57:56 Launching from desert ground site. Missile in flight & rocket dropping away. Two launchings. Aerial shot following missile. 10:58:45 Factory & assembling many Tomahawk missiles; man at computer guided automatic machine & CUs of cutting tools. Tracking shot past partially assembled components. Computerized test equipment, move in on: Tomahawk System Test Set. Buttons lighted. Men strapping missiles on carriages. 10:59:30 CU missile in flight against dark blue sky from tracking plane. Military Industrial Complex; Nuclear Weapons; Guided Missiles; NOTE: All missile footage in slow motion.

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