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Commence Firing

Reel Number: H1658-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950s,1960s

Country: USA

Location: Arlington,Camp Perry,Massachusetts,Ohio,Springfield,Virginia

TC Begins: 10:28:07

TC Ends: 10:55:11

Duration: 00:27:04

Title montage. 10:28:57 Introduced by Sgt. Stuart Queen, SOF re marksmanship & history of USA. 10:29:29 Silhouette Revolutionary War soldiers fire cannon; staged Volunteer Army w/ 13 Star Flag; 10:30:00 Ext. 1950s Springfield Armory; museum interior w/ early weapons including Gatling Gun; Civil War 10:31:56 WW1 / WWI scenes; Springfield Rifle; Machine Guns; Mortars Firing. 10:32:57 Recreational goose hunting. 10:32:43 Pre-WW2; training. Springfield small-arms armory w/ John Gerand explaining M-1 rifle 10:37:26 Industrial processes w/ drop forge, other machine tools in manufacturing methods. Test firing. 10:41:29 WWII fighting in Europe & Japan attack; Pacific battles. 10:43:54 Marksmanship, target practice w/ clay pigeons. Gerand rifle training, instruction; recoilless rifle training; other combat training. Korean War w/ North Korean troops on bicycles & horses. Fighting; returning. 10:48:43 Nightscope sniperscope training w/ infrared pictures. 10:49:13 Entrance: Camp Perry, Ohio marksmanship competition; trophies. National Rifle Association; NRA. Small arms firing school; trophy presentation. 10:51:23 Arlington, Virginia Boy Scouts’ training by NRA w/ support by Army. 10:54:08 Sgt. Queen summary. The End credits. Colonial America; M1; Propaganda; 1950s; 1960s; NOTE: Any continuous 14 minutes sold at per reel rate. VERY GOOD exposure & coverage. Digibeta has been checked and is normal (much brighter than VHS).

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