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McDonnell Film, The Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: 280005-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1970s

Country: USA

Location: Louis,Missouri,St

TC Begins: 01:07:08

TC Ends: 01:16:52

Duration: 00:09:44

The McDonnell Film Pt. 2 of 2 Veteran talks of enlisting in 1966, misguided patriotism or nationalism; socialized by system. Fighter jet being armed, taxiing out; planes on carrier; dropping napalm. 01:08:52 VP of Teamsters, Mr. Gibbons speaks about war in Vietnam. Anti-war demonstrations. 01:09:52 McDonnell /Emerson draftsman talking about rationalizing his job. 01:10:10 Guy sitting in park talking about his work at McDonnell and work on spacecraft; thought he wasn’t part of it as he wasn’t working on airplanes. Then was working on military aircraft & by then opposed to the war. Left & went to work for Veterans Administration where the reality was understood. 01:12:08 Planes bombing trucks in practice seen from close up. McDonnell present promotional film w/ napalm behind titles; plane dropping bombs w/ title The Free World’s Phantom II (seen at work lunch hour). Draftsman talks about talking w/ others at McDonnell & how they felt about it: “...most...were unwilling to discuss it...if they were peace oriented...” Black talking. Gibbons talking about military - industrial group. 01:13:34 - 01:13:48 Airplanes on factory floor. Gibbons says its to detriment of American people because of diverting money to war. 01:14:06 Enormous power plant or ?? w/ six smoke stacks. Other older factory buildings. 01:14:33 People sitting outside decaying housing; broken windows. Large brick & stone apartments w/ kids out front. Gibbons re corporation & quest for profits. Modern St. Louis building; Monsanto sign on top of plant; Anheuser - Busch sign on top of brewery. Chevrolet sign outside factory. First National Bank in St. Louis Stadium Drive-In. Emerson Electric factory w/ sign. Ralston Purina factory & checkerboard sign. 01:16;02 Large McDonnell hanger w/ sign above door, workers across tarmac in front. Veteran talking about corporate interests being put above interests of people. 01:16:29 Alley w/ tenements on both sides, boy walking away & junk. The End. Peace Movement; Anti-Vietnam War; Anti-Capitalism; Military Economics; Racism; Propaganda; 1970; Promotional Films;

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