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Post-WWII, 1947 - UNRRA Supplies - Odessa

Reel Number: 220754-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1947

Country: Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Kiev,Odessa

TC Begins: 17:10:08

TC Ends: 17:18:00

Duration: 00:07:52

UNRRA Supplies - Odessa Food and supplies being loaded onto truck at Odessa - Russian women stacking crates. Crate marked UNRRA Australia. Docks - cargo ships / freighter, snow on ground. Loading supplies - small tractor carried by tractor hoist. Two Russian officials checking lists. CU bow of ship “ American ??” out of Los Angeles. Ship at anchor - frozen sea. UNRRA markings on crates. Crate from Springfield Mass. 17:11:19 Steam freight train carrying pipes 17:11:41 Busy Kiev street with pedestrians - top shot snowy landscape and bomb damaged buildings. Interior food store - women shoppers - sausage / salami weighed - scales - bread weighed - rations stamps? Food display - cod fillet. Display of Cris-Bix - advertising “Hungry? Nibble Something Flavourful” . Pedestrians on street. Small industry - Shop sign - interior clothing factory - women sewing with male overseer. Cramped conditions / sweat shop. Fur collar attached to coat. Sign in Russian. Cutting room - leather? Cobblers making shoes. Shoes inspected. 17:15:50 People on street wrapped up in cold. Exterior shop / store - interior, shoppers buy cloth, young boy getting new shoes. Post-WW2 Rebuilding; Aid; Assistance; USSR; Russia; 1947; Cold War;

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