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Pre-WWII - 1938, Italy: Rome, Hitler Arrives For 8 Day Visit. 03May38

Reel Number: 300161

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930s,1938,

Country: Germany,Italy

Location: Rome

TC Begins: 01:00:04

TC Ends: 01:09:14

Duration: 00:09:10

Pre-WWII - 1938, Italy: Rome. Hitler Arrives For 8 Day Visit. 03May38 Sd. (German) 03May38 MLS Railroad platform, Hitler arriving w/ large retinue w/ Mussolini crossing tracks to station, saluting & Italian photographer visible, walk past station. Hitler & Mussolini walking along hedge to car, both leave in open car w/ Swastika flag on fender. 01:00:47 Monoplane overhead. Mussolini & others walking on rocky hilltop; large group standing talking on rocky hillside w/ trees in background. CU Italian Fascist flag on staff, officer explaining / gesturing to Mussolini w/ Goering beside. LS troops doing military exercises in valley. Biplane over. CU Swastika on staff; Hitler & officers watching. British officers watching; German officer watch. Soldiers in fir tree 01:01:32 MCU soldier rolling medium artillery into place. Mussolini watching. Large artillery firing; smaller firing & Mussolini talking to German officers. 01:01:49 Train pulling into station w/ hanging Swastika banners. Hitler & Mussolini walking fast leading officers along railroad platform. Leaving thru columns / pillars, Swastika on side of building above. Both reviewing troops; riding in open car. Large M on arch; views from cars and along route of motorcade w/ bunting hanging along & across street; POV from car, cheering crowds. Mussollni & Hitler quickly walking past saluting troops. 01:03:11 LS View across crowds w/ large monument in background Hitler & Mussolini in front of columns, ceremonial wreath w/ ribbon on concrete steps. CU inscription on ribbon to Benito Mussolini... MLS Hitler & Mussolini posing among many wreaths, crowd in background. Ceremonial flame / torch burning above. Two dictators walking w/ generals as crowds cheer & wave. 01:04:09 Hitler & Mussolini wave from large balcony, German symbolic eagle above. MCU of dictators. 01:04:19 Steel mill (brief). LS of Hitler’s lodging . Motorcade arriving; steel mill interior w/ pouring molten iron . 01:04:47 Ext. of building w/ Heerstrasse on front; Hitler & Mussolini & retinue following out to crowd. Troops reviewed. CU, Berlino Fascio... banner. Reviewing troops; flags; crowd watching; monuments; wreath laying at ??. Crowds & Danzica Fascist banner. Motorcade along wide avenue w/ police holding back crowds. 01:06:50 VIPs out of motorcade vehicles in front of reviewing stand; Fascist banner: Francoforte, young Blackshirts. Large goose stepping parade past Hitler & Mussolini on stand. Cavalry passing, pulling artillery; Italian navy sailors; other units marching, tanks. 01:01:12 End title: Bavaria Pre-WW2 Military Diplomacy; Axis; 1930s; NOTE: In our experience German Nazi era material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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