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Pre-WWII - 1941: Iceland; USA Homefront Training, Aircraft Industry; Volunteers; Willkie; Greek Aid

Reel Number: 250085-25

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Iceland,USA

Location: Austin,bayonne,California,fort benning,Georgia,New Jersey,New York City,NYC,SANTA MONICA,Seattle,Texas,Washington

TC Begins: 00:30:31

TC Ends: 00:35:39

Duration: 00:05:08

Pre-WWII - 1941: Iceland; USA Homefront Training, Aircraft Industry; Volunteers; Willkie; Greek Aid 00:30:36 LS across Iceland to tents. Dock w/ small ship & Canadian or British military unloading crates, army truck; soldiers marching thru town, up concrete highway followed by young boys w/ stick rifles. 00:30:57 LS Tents. MCU putting corrugated metal on quonset huts & cement blocks in ends. Soldier teaching boy to salute. Convoy of trucks pulling artillery up road; line of tanks / troop carriers bouncing over hillside. Soldiers running w/ bayoneted rifles. Firing machine gun; firing light artillery from sandbagged position. 00:31:27 Title: America Prepares. Santa Monica, Calif. Men out of Douglas aircraft factory; interior shot of many partially constructed planes. MS men working assembling interior structures, fitting nose. 00:31:45 Woman working on wings stitching fabric. LS of line of small fighter planes partially assembled. Twin-engine bomber w/ men working on top. 00:31:57 Title: Seattle, Wash. 00:31:59 Men riveting nose of large plane in scaffolding; man working on motor on stand. Exterior pan of large Clipper w/ wings off. CU men with winch moving plane. 00:32:21 Title: Fort Benning, GA. Paratroop trainees at attention, climb into plane; Military officers / VIPs watching. LS formation & parachutes opening & descending, landing. 00:32:50 Motorcycles of courier school ridden in circle in training, riders sliding them onto side in dirt. Riding in double column on highway; single file over rough dirt trail, past & thru smoke cloud, one w/ pistol drawn. 00:33:29 Title: New York, N.Y. Winthrop Rockefeller being fingerprinted after volunteering. CUs. Sworn in w/ others. 00:33:48 Title: New York, N.Y. Newsreel cameramen & photographers . MCU of Weldell Willkie at microphones (MOS) w/ wife, leaving for Europe. MLS Clipper plane at dock; Willkie w/ wife & others to plane, people wave from terminal roof. Wife waves from dock as plane taxiis away. 00:34:26 Title: Bayonne, N.J. Freighter Kassandra Louloudis (torpedoed & sunk Mar42 off North Carolina) loading cargo, CU flag. Crates on pallet swung onboard & lowered into hold. Captain. Good shots of American Red Cross goods. Men unload sacks from cargo net. 00:35:04 Title: Austin, Tex. LS Capitol; MS large crowd on grounds at 2nd inauguration of Governor Lee O’Daniels swearing in (MOS). MCUs of Texans. People fill plates at barbeque / barbecue. Cameraman eating. Old man w/ skunk. Pre-WW2; Human Interest; Pets; Animals;

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