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Pre-WWII - 1941 , Industry: Garand Rifle Manufacture & Demonstration R1 of 2

Reel Number: H1490-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1940

Country: USA

Location: Massachusetts,Springfield

TC Begins: 02:24:05

TC Ends: 02:35:40

Duration: 00:11:35

Pre-WWII - 1941 , Industry: Garand Rifle Manufacture & Demonstration R1 of 2 View of large three-story building from park opposite w/ coupe car past & turning in. 02:24:14 John C. Garand displays the rifle to older man standing in front. CU cartridges in clip on top of rifle. 02:24:33 CU of older man. CU Garand. 02:24:44 SOF Int of Springfield, Massachusetts manufacturing plant. Garand M1 rifle barrels are heated & hammered into shape in a drop forge. MCUs & CUs. 02:25:44 MS worker w/ tongs looking into oven, pulling out heated billet & shaping in drop forge. LS moving to other machines w/ rapid turning in smaller drop forge. 02:27:15 LS across row of lateral boring machines drilling barrels. Man inspecting barrels, puts onto cart. 02:27:51 Man puts roughly shaped wood into lathe beneath template; machine turning out rifle stock. 02:28:30 Two men looking / inspecting stocks. 02:28:38 Rifles assembled; breech action tested. LS & MCUs. 02:31:09 SOF USA Army General ? & officers receive first Garand rifle from Mr. Pugsley (sp?) 02:32:02 SOF Five officers w/ rifles, press & VIPs watching, kneel & fire; mostly missing targets. MS of targets & tracers missing. 02:33:01 MOS Troops on firing range fring from prone position. CUs. Troops run out, fall & fire single shots. 02:34:08 MCU Two soldiers putting clips in tops of rifles. CU magazine of 8 compared to magazine of 5 shells. MCU loading. 02:34:48 Soldier cocking & firing Springfield rifle next to another firing continuous shot Garand. CU of each firing. Soldiers watching from behind. Continued on R2. War Industry; Weapons Manufacturing; Inventors; Military Inventions; NOTE: Presentation is probably by Edwin Pugsley of an M1 rifle combining Winchester M1905 rifle w/ modified Garand operating rod utilizing David M. Williams work on a short-stroke gas piston design. This was probably mid-1941.

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