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Reel Number: 920006-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1979

Country: USA

Location: Black Hills,Harrisburg,Pennsylvania,South Dakota

TC Begins: 15:00:00

TC Ends: 15:36:15

Duration: 00:36:15

Save the Planet Outs - THREE MILE ISLAND nuclear Plant & SOUTH DAKOTA NATIVE AMERICAN PROTEST CU marching feet. CU head shots marching protesters w/ flags & banners. Demonstration to save the Black Hills from uranium mining & other nuclear development. 15:02:06 LS of across field of demonstrators. 6 or 7 horses clustered together pull back to reveal mountain range in distance. 15:03:26 Sun over TMI. Various beauty shots of sun. Pull focus of TMI towers seen thru haze & flowers in field. Pan field to TMI nuclear plant. Various shots TMI, water out of pipe into river behind plant; from boat; CU people & transformers on plant grounds. 15:09:50 Slate. Children throw rocks in river at moorage, TMI in BG. 15:11:42 CU Reddy Kilowatt cartoon figure on TMI sign at plant entrance. 15:13:35 Telephoto shot of cars & pickup trucks going over rickety, wooden bridge - leaving TMI plant site. Signs. 15:16:26 VS TMI cooling towers at sunset. 15:18:32 CU rear of plant from river boat view. CU gushing discharge water going from plant to river. 15:20:55 South Dakota beautiful landscape shots; midwestern plains w/ cattle & campers. Large hills in distance; large plant w/ couple carrying flowers walking past. Fence sign: Warning US Property NO Trespassing. 15:23:26 Beautiful landscape and sunset shots from tall platform, multiple pans to reservoir or ?? 15:26:23 Sunset beauty shots w/ clouds. 15:28:46 VS Black Hills protest marchers along highway w/ town behind. American Indians carrying banners, traffic passing. Marching thru town. 15:32:31 Cemetery at TMI. 15:33:01 Sunrise over New York City. 1979; 1980s; 1970s; Demonstrators; Atomic Energy; Middle West; Mid-western; Indian Reservation; Nuclear Industry; Anti-Nuclear;

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