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Sikorsky Aircraft Stock Footage - UH-60 Black Hawk

Reel Number: 250053-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1980s,1990s

Country: USA


TC Begins: 08:44:54

TC Ends: 08:54:10

Duration: 00:09:16

UH-60 Black Hawk hovering over asphalt, moving forward & over w/ camera panning after it. Passes, steep climbs & turns / banking. 08:46:27 Air to air of two UH-60 over harbor or bay water peeling away & leaving towards shore 08:47:05 Six lifting off & flying in formation. 08:47:39 Sunset & UH60 w/ single light lifts up & flies away. 08:48:22 UH-60 flying w/ suspended jeep truck. Lifting two bladders ; others flying over w/ bladders. 08:49:41 UH-60 low over water in front of glacier ; over mountainside canyons & ridges in light clouds. 08:51:16 Five UH-60s over hillside w/ European village behind & castle ruins below. CU single UH-60 w/ red cross markings over European river valley. CU w/ 672 in Red Cross, pilot & others visible, pull away, follow. 08:52:19 Silhuetted against sunset. 08:52:26 Dropping water over forest fire. Wounded evacuated on stretcher; in hospital. Air to air over military camp. 08:53:08 Injured seen w/ heat seeking camera & rescuer descending w/ stretcher to recover. 08:53:19 UH-60 water drop; refilling from lake w/ hose & dropping. 08:53:59 Two Humvees w/ mounted machine guns, along runway behind, up & over. Sikorsky Promotional Films; Military Industrial Contractor; NOTE: UH-60 Introduced 1979.

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