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Silent Service, The - The Story of Submarine Warfare In The Pacific (1946) Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: H1495-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942,1946

Country: Japan,USA

Location: Hawaii,Pacific,Pearl Harbor

TC Begins: 10:28:06

TC Ends: 10:40:33

Duration: 00:12:27

Titles. Pt. 1 of 2 10:28:56 Periscope appears out of surface waves; aerial of torpedo run seen under surface. 10:29:08 Freighter / target hit by torpedo; flotsam debris floating; man on wooden hatch cover; burning ship. 10:29:30 Title: Mr. Rozo Asano - President, Nippon Steel Tube Company. CU SOF english: “The wartime requirement of more than 5 million tons per year....dependant on United States submarines.” 10:30:03 Title: Mr. Shun Nomura, formerly in charge of Mitsui Oil Industries. CU SOF i”Japan’s chief supply wars came from America in the years prior to the war...” goes on needs to be supplied by Dutch East Indies. “One of the decisive factors in our defeat was the activities of the American submarines...” 10:30:46 Title: Fleet Admiral O. Nagano, I.J.N. Chief of Naval General Staff. Subject: Destruction of Japanese Navy. CU reading SOF english subtitled: “Our records show that about 36,000... Movie screen, The End. Lights up & US naval officer talks SOF to journalists in viewing theater telling of US destruction of Japanese navy. “...there just isn’t any more Japanese Merchant Marines.” (due to submarines & wartime secrecy on US submarine activity). 10:33:33 Scenes of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ship fires w/ President Roosevelt sd trk speech to Congress. 10:34:04 Line of US subs on surface towards shore (distant mountains). Aerial of US submarine 10:34:36 Sub on surface w/ voice of 'Tokyo Rose' (English): “We know very well that American submarines have headed west for Pearl Harbor, if American submariners are wise they will turn back...” 10:35:01 Inside submarine, at periscope, target in view. 10:35:12 Torpedo fired, bubbles, target hit; other freighters targeted & hit, sinking seen thru periscope. 10:35:44 Animated map of Pacific showing Japan expansion; ships moving back & forth. GOOD animation. 10:36:08 US submarine on surface. 10:36:14 Animation of ships & sinking w/ statistics over, Japanese voice details losses. 10:36:32 Japanese freighter through periscope, torpedoed. 10:36:45 Gato Class submarine USS Trigger (SS-237) at wharf, various views. 10:37:06 Galley of almost completed USS Trigger. 10:37:17 Ext. of sub. USS Trigger surfaces at sea; into Pearl Harbor. At sea, surfacing. 10:38:06 Look-outs on USS Trigger's conning tower. MCU as spot freighter & go inside; men pulling levers to div, closing hatch. View of conning tower submerging. 10:38:42 Men at periscope; raised & freighter observed. Men charting / plotting. 10:39:27 Torpedoes fired, thru water w/ bubbles, sailor w/ stop watch; another fired (GOOD). Freighter hit, explodes. 10:39:58 Japanese destroyer through periscope; depth charges rolled off. Miniature shots; men in sub as USS Trigger under attack staged. GOOD CUs. Continued... WWII; WW2; VERY GOOD SOF statements on war damage & action footage (though some staged) inside subs. Any continuous ten minutes of entire film sold at per reel rate.

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