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Trouble With Women, The (1959)

Reel Number: 250043-28

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: USA


TC Begins: 13:22:36

TC Ends: 13:28:47

Duration: 00:06:11

Titles. 13:23:04 MCU of woman worker in front of oscilloscope on work bench, supervisor comes up & tells her how to use controls to focus. She chews gum & acts disinterested, another woman comes up: “I’m your new bearings inspector.” Supervisor doesn’t finish instructions, they walk off. 13:23:54 Supervisor’s office: “Just have a seat here, I’ll be back shortly.” 13:24:01 Personnel Manager (sign on door). Supervisor enters, “Well Mr. Bradshaw, what’s on your mind?” “Give her to somebody else, I asked for a man!” “If you treat her right she might make you a darned good employee. Get that chip off your shoulder, what’s wrong with her?” “She’s a woman isn’t she?” They discuss. Supervisor tells story of Myrtle Malloy. 13:25:15 Inspection bench w/ Myrtle. Supervisor moves Joe, asks Myrtle to move who says: “I’ve just begun to feel at home....well I certainly hope I’m not moved every other day.” 13:26:04 Supervisor & Personnel Manager talking; Supervisor talks about another problem. 13:26:22 Woman employee comes up to supervisor & tells him she’ll be leaving in a week to get married. He vents, she tells him she had told him six months ago that she was engaged. “We’ll really be in a bind around here.” 13:27:00 Personnel manager: “Okay Brad but how many blushing brides do you have? Besides what’s this got to do w/ Dolly, the new girl; she’s already married & she’s a qualified bearings inspector.” Brad goes on to complain about absenteeism among employees. 13:27:46 Personnel manager: “Question, all these things you’ve been talking about: marriage, absenteeism, personality problems, aren’t they really just a part of life?” Supervisor: “Part of a woman’s life, maybe. But I can remember the good old days when there were all men in my department & we didn’t have these problems.” Personnel manager: “But you didn’t have the production output you have now either...whether the gal adds up to trouble or not is pretty much up to you.” Brad returns to his office, he & new employee look at each other & superimposed over MCU of Brad: What is Brad’s trouble? Sexism; Employee Relations; 1950s; Manufacturing Industry; Workers; Female Employees; Supervisory Problems; Bosses; Attitudes; Stereotyping;

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