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WWII - 1940, Canada: Documentary Compilation - Front of Steel

Reel Number: 300223

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s,1930s

Country: Canada,Germany


TC Begins: 01:00:04

TC Ends: 01:10:31

Duration: 00:10:27

WWII - 1940, Canada: Documentary Compilation - Propaganda Title. 01:00:38 Montage: Men put time cards into time clocks. Steelworkers: welder, foundryman, sheetmetal worker; men at punch presses & other machines. 01:01:11 Hitler saluting, reviewing troops Berlin 20Apr38 , large military parade: assault tanks, trucks, infantry goose stepping, aircraft over. 01:02:50 History: Hitler w/ von Hindenberg outdoors in front of flags on staffs, crowds saluting. 1933 Hitler & others walk between rows of saluting Brownshirts. 01:03:07 Family sits down to dinner, boy wearing swastika; mother serves one-dish meal. Hitler picture on wall. Scraps put into provided illustrated box to feed pigs. Mother answers door, Storm trooper in to collect money and box. 01;03:52 Montage: Teutonic shirtless young men in mountains marching, exercising, calisthenics. Gliding club planes take off, listen to outdoor lecture, march with shovels, digging canal by hand. 01:04:26 Montage: Men handling extruded steel in mill; steel bombs prepared for mounting on aircraft; fighter plane taking off, bombardier, bomber dropping bombs, explosions, people race for shelter, fires burn. 01:05:00 Paratroops out of German planes; landing. Tanks thru / over trees, thru barns. Firing guns, moving down gully & over rough ground. Soldiers leap into ditch; run thru smoke & flames; w/ flamethrowers. 01:06:09 Title card. British women factory workers assembling machine guns; men also. 01:06:46 Montage: Scrap drive, gathering newspapers, metal. Large building construction. LS steel mill. Bren gun manufacturing & assembling, testing. 01:08:02 Montreal shipyard shots. Construction of submarine & ships, riveting, ship launching, vehicle construction, assembly line, motors & transmissions into cars &/or trucks. Testing trucks. X-ray testing steel. 01:09:46 Locomotive pulling supply train of freight cars out of railroad yard. Aircraft overhead. 01:09:57 Truck column along gravel road in countryside. Tank training; fishing boats, torpedo boat. 01:10:11 Montage, CUs Men working in factories. 01:10:27 End title. WW2 Canadian Homefront Manufacturing; Skilled Metalworking Trades; 1930s; 1940s;

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