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WWII - 1940s, Newsreel: Independent State of Croatia note need correct title from NARA

Reel Number: 300273

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930s,1940s

Country: Croatia,Germany,Yugoslavia

Location: Mirogoj Cemetery,Zagreb

TC Begins: 01:00:09

TC Ends: 01:05:28

Duration: 00:05:19

WWII - 1940s, Newsreel: Independent State of Croatia Procession of priests & altar boys thru courtyard crowd; through cemetery followed by men, women & children. CU granite statue of Christ carrying cross & several people alongside. Women placing flowers on graves w/ large tombstones. Civilians & soldiers praying at foot of graves. 01:00:47 Priest on platform giving blessing; flowers placed; VIPs watch. 01:00:54 Helmet w/ slot & coin dropped in . CU tombstone w/ carved fighter plane falling in flames. 01:01:01 Croatian carving over entrance to Mirogo cemetery in Zagreb. Tilt down to large group & young boys / cadets place laural branches on many graves w/ crosses as people watch. 01:01:18 Headstone: Ustasa Franjo Prpic +1942 18 God. St. Granite Angel. Many candles lit 01:01:33 Men walking into factory & inspecting men & working machinery / lathes. CU looking at plans. Walk to,and enter, another building. 01:02:30 Men seated at classroom desks, pan to woman instructor in front of large blackboard. Student writes on board, others taking notes. 01:02:55 Large factory interior; various metalworkers welding, drilling, etc. Assembling fighter plane w/ German wing markings. 01:03:25 Men around wall poster, CU: Attention! Jeunes Petain! Dimanche prochain vous aurez l’occasion de visiter la villa. Rendez-vous a 10 du matin devant la mairie (Rathaus). Les interesses sont pries de s’adresser au KDF Wart.Usine II. 01:03:39 Street in town center w/ youth group walking & trolley / tram arriving. Crowd at base of large war memorial statue. VIPs placing boughs & young boy / worker standing at attention. Wreath laying and Nazi salute. Marching youth group parading & German officials watching. 01:04:29 MS may be Prime Minister Nikola Mandic (02Sep43 - 08May45) of Independent State of Croatia 01:04:34 Vienna cheering crowds waving small German/ swastika flags as military pilot wearing Iron Cross receives flowers, walks thru crowds & signing autographs. Gets kiss from father . 01:05:15 Twin-engine fighter aircraft w/ nose machine gun & pilot waving to parents & others, taxiing. WW2 Nazi / Croatian Newsreel( ?); Industry; Propaganda; Religious Ceremony; Religion; Puppet Government;

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