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WWII - 1942, USA Homefront: Liberty Ship Construction & Launching, Portland, Oregon

Reel Number: 250065-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1942

Country: USA

Location: Oregon,Portland

TC Begins: 08:47:16

TC Ends: 08:57:44

Duration: 00:10:28

WWII - 1942, USA Homefront: Liberty Ship Construction & Launching, Portland, Oregon Flag on ship’s pole in breeze; smoke from stack w/ name board: Joseph N. Teal visible. Men pulling in lines; propellor wash around rudder, dock workers waving goodbye to ship leaving dock; in river . 08:48:27 (out of focus) shipyard scaffolding. 08:48:39 CU women welders & others waving near large ship’s propellor. Oriental-American woman welder arc welding, CU. Men riveting; ship deck w/ many workers moving about; cranes working. Men painting, carrying parts. W/ cutting torch. 08:50:53 Liberty ship alongside Willamette River dock; Joseph N. Teal nameplate. Men painting; dock workers across dock at shift change & out gates. 08:52:18 Ship launching ceremony, many people w/ umbrellas. 08:52:57 CU of woman w/ rose; man. LS of ship John P. Poe ready to be launched. Woman w/ champagne bottle laughing, paracticing swing. CU woman & bouquet of roses. 08:54:27 Men waving from ship w/ bunting on bow; others watching, sitting on scaffolding & speaker at podium. CU man speaking, handed flag who passes on to ?? man who reads speech & gives to sailor who raises on pole in front of Liberty ship John P. Poe. 08:55:55 Woman posing, then waves, finally breaks bottle, ship slides away into river w black smoke out of stack. M flag flying. Industry; Launchings; Ship Building; NOTE: Liberty Ship Joseph N. Teal launched at Kaiser Shipyard, Portland, Oregon 10 days after keel laying, Fall 1942. John P. Poe launched 25Jul42.

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