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WWII - 1943, Government Documentary: Battle of Russia R3 of 10

Reel Number: 250091-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Germany,USA,USSR


TC Begins: 12:56:04

TC Ends: 13:03:23

Duration: 00:07:19

WWII - 1941, Germany Invades USSR R3 of 10 Animated graphics of bayonet into Manchuria; Axis expansion into Ethiopia, Eastern Europe. Graphics re war in France & Europe. Dates; Headline: Russo-German Pact Signed! Molotov & other leaders at signing. Stalin. Pan of heavy industry; Tractors on railroad, wipe to T-34 tanks on railroad. Steel & tank construction. Soviets marching, training. 12:57:27 Animation of Germany into Poland; newspaper printing re War!. Animation of Nazis into western Europe. 12:57:54 Hitler Mussolini & others over maps. Animation into Eastern & southern Europe. Hungary & grain harvest, bauxite mining, troops marching, riding. Rumania & grain, oil, marching troops. Animated line of Hungary - Rumanian border w/ USSR. Bulgaria map & animation re Black Sea ports & submarines. 12:59:17 Puppet leaders Admiral Horthy; King Michael; General Antonescu; King Boris. Newspaper headlines. Troops across bridge over canal. Animated globe showing invasion route from Egypt. 13:00:06 Montage: Hitler & Mussolini meeting, hand shaking, CU smiling. Mussolini speaking, crowd, Greek troops marching; animated map of Albania into Greece, pushed back. Mussolini. Headlines re Yugoslavia gets Hitler Terms. Stuka dive bombing Yugoslavia - animated map; Greece is occupied - maps, German tri-motor plane over Athens. Marching German troops. 13:02:15 Animated map of Germany invasion of USSR, June 22, 1941. Formation of bombers overhead; rows of Panzer IV medium tanks & trucks w/ soldiers, motorcycle troops advancing across fields, fighting. Map showing objectives: Leningrad, Moscow & Kiev. Animated map WW2; Military Propaganda Film; German Invasion of Russia; History;

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