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WWII - 1943, Government Documentary: Battle of Russia R8 of 10

Reel Number: 250091-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941,1942

Country: Germany,Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Lake Ladoga,Leningrad

TC Begins: 13:03:26

TC Ends: 13:13:32

Duration: 00:10:06

WWII - 1941, Germany Invades USSR R8 of 10 Montage: Leningrad w/ artillery positions; tanks barrage balloons carried by soldiers; high angle / HA of snowy city factories; frozen canal, snow & frozen lake; pedestrians on city streets in snow w/ sleds. Defenses manned, in trenches; tanks & people thru streets w/ dead; locomotive under snow. Electric buses stopped. People walking in snow. 13:04:39 People dig holes in street for water. Food rationing; cutting bread & handing out. Women digging w/ shovels, picks clearing rubble & wreckage. MCUs. Burning building, industry. 13:05:36 Enormous German Morser Karl Thor gun - mortar - raised. Shell moved into place, fired. Shelling of Leningrad w/ other artillery. Animated graphics. 13:06:11 Tilt down from roofless beams to shell manufacture continuing, montage of firing & manufacturing. Casket pulled on street. Bodies pulled on sled. 13:07:19 Illustrated graphic of Lake Ladoga & Baltic w/ Leningrad & Nazi occupation. Frozen lake & supplies brought in by truck, tractor & railroad across frozen Lake Ladoga. Nazi planes bomb trucks on the lake. Explosions; bombs dropping & explosions as trucks pass. Railroad track laid & first trains w/ supplies & evacuating women, children, sick. Lake traffic. Russians in white winter camouflage attacking Germans. GOOD. 13:10:34 Spring thaw, CU melting ice, birds, streams. floating crosses. Trucks thru water on ice. 13:11:18 Montage: city children play in sunshine, mothers watch; sit in parks. Buses running; windows washed, trams running, crowd onto tram., children, Red Army & Navy women. Sailors entertained, applaud Cossack dancing on stage. 13:12:54 HA of Leningrad street in sun; German prisoners marched thru the city. People march w/ rifles out of factory gates. WW2; Military Propaganda Film; German Invasion of Russia; History; 1941; 1942;

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