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WWII - 1945 ca, USA Documentary - The Nazi Plan R19 of 22

Reel Number: 300253

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1940s,1940s,1941,1945

Country: Bulgaria,Denmark,Germany,Greece,Italy,Spain

Location: Berlin,Salonika,Xanthi

TC Begins: 01:00:10

TC Ends: 01:07:25

Duration: 00:07:15

WWII - 1940s, Germany: Hitler at Krupp Factory; Axis Alliance Signing; Intertitle: Hitler Pays Tribute To Krupp 13Aug40. Hitler shaking hands & talking w/ German industrialist Gustov Krupp von Bohlen as military & civilian officials look on; Hitler leaves past saluting workers. 01:00:42 Intertitle: Signing of Military-Economic Alliance by Germany, Italy & Japan 27Sep40. German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop w/ Italian Minister Ciano & Japanese Ambassador Kurusu walking down gleaming hallway in Berlin, standing behind table & joined by Hitler for signing of Tripartite Pact / Berlin Pact. Handshakes, sitting down at table, look at papers. MS & CUs of signing; officials watch. Hitler followed by Ciano & Kurusu leaving. Hitler on balcony saluting cheering crowd returning salute. NOTE: Augustin Munoz Grandes was also present and may be seen. 01:02:58 Intertitle: 1941 - Bulgaria Joins Axis 01Mar41. 4-engine German transport arrives & Bulgarian Prime Minister Bogdan Filov off plane & greeted by von Ribbentrop; walk past German soldiers. Int. enter ornate room to table for Pact signing. Seated and Italian Minister Ciano joins, CUs of Ciano, Filov & others signing. Hitler enters and shakes hands. 01:04:36 Intertitle: Invasion of Jugoslavia and Greece 06Apr41. Map of Balkans. Dragon’s teeth & other anti-tank fortification line across field; destroyed railroad tracks. German officers look at map; troops enter village, cross stream, up opposite bank and continue along paved road. Cross canal or small river on raft, roll small artillery onto wooden bridge. Animated map showing entry into Greece at Xanthi. 01:06:02 Morning w/ fighting & smoke filling valleys, artillery firing; military artist working. Stuka dive bombers overhead; bombs dropping, explosions & smoke rising. Tanks entering Salonika, people watch as smoke rises from city in background. Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Nazi Axis Alliance; Military Propaganda; WW2; Historical Film; German Politics; Political Party; 1940s; Surrenders; Invasions;

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