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WWII - Color, 1940s: Aircraft Carrier Activities

Reel Number: H1295-07

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: USA

Location: Pacific

TC Begins: 10:50:41

TC Ends: 10:57:50

Duration: 00:07:09

WWII - Color, 1940s: Aircraft Carrier Activities POV flight thru clouds / smoke; strafing & dive bombing on enemy held installation along beach area. POV rockets fired at a moving trains. POV diving on industrial area; heavy smoke coming up. Buildings hit & burning, smoke. Fires. 10:53:20 POV along wide thoroughfare, buildings bombed out. 10:53:27 Aerials over buildings in park-like settings. 10:53:55 Slate: Planes landing on carrier after Tokyo strike. 10:53:58 Carrier underway signaling plane & landing on carrier. HA MS Grumman F6F Hellcat making a landing. Pilot's eye view: landing made on CV after Tokyo strike. MS Vought F4U Corsair making an arrested landing. HA CU F4U taxiing after landing. F4U taxiing to deck edge elevator, folding its wings & lowered to hangar below. 10:55:02 MS F6F touching down for arrested landing. F4U taxiing over deck after Tokyo strike. 10:55:21 Slate: Ext. flag bridge. Richard Scott watch landing... (missing) 10:55:35 Slate: Messenger running from code room... (missing) 10:55:47 Slate: Task Force Units underway... 10:55:58 ELS Task Force underway; one ship sends a signal message on light; PAN with Task Force. CV underway (scene is framed by twin 40s in FG). Signal flags CU. CU Man standing next to twin 40 mount looking toward carrier underway in BG. MS DD underway (ship is camouflaged). HA MS Looking down over after part of flight deck showing aircraft parked; other ships underway in BG (scene is taken in the evening). 10:57:08 CU Looking down over the fighters parked on flight deck (scene is framed by guy lines). LS CV underway (sunrays coming through clouds in BG). HA MS Looking down over many aircraft parked on flight deck. 10:57:27 CU Looking down over ship's wake. The End. WW2; 1943; Pacific; Navy Activity; Naval Task Force;

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