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WWII - Color, 1940s, Pacific: GSAP strafing land, freighters, fishing boats, industry

Reel Number: H1330-08

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Japan,USA

Location: Pacific

TC Begins: 15:04:12

TC Ends: 15:14:45

Duration: 00:10:33

WWII - Color, 1940s, Pacific: GSAP strafing land, freighters, fishing boats, industry Aerials higher than normal of strafing house near fields; strafing vehicle on the road. Strafing some rice paddies. Strafing along river. 15:05:09 Title: Number 85. Strafing Japanese freighters anchored in harbor water. 15:05:29 Strafing Jap plane in middle of field. 15:05:38 Flash title: USS Yorktown, Manilla 13-14Nov44. Strafing Japanese ships: One an aircraft carrier maneuvering; one on fire. GOOD. AV Strafing Jap DD; strafing DD maneuvering at high speed. GOOD. 15:08:17 Aerial, bomb explosion near a ship. Strafing an anchored freighter. Good. Strafing a Japanese freighter; two bomb explosions near it. AV Strafing a Japanese tanker underway (SV) (very good). AV Strafing a Japanese freighter underway (SV) (very good). 15:09:56 Jap ship on fire; black smoke. Good. 15:10:08 Strafing Japanese freighter anchored near island. 15:10:28 Low strafing attack on Japanese installations, buildings, etc. AV Low strafing attacks on picket boat. Strafing Japanese runway. 15:10:56 Air to A Jap fighter plane explodes & falls. A to A Japanese fighter flies across; is hit by tracers and catches fire. 15:11:17 Flash title: Number 29. Strafing a small Japanese freighter that has run aground. 15;11:27 Flash title: Number 31. Strafing a small Japanese fishing boat. 15:11:35 Flash title: Number 33. Strafing shore installations (very dark). 15:11;55 Flash title: Number 35. Aerial attack on factories in the Philippines; low level strafing of bldgs, & shooting rockets at same. Strafing beached Japanese landing ship . 15:12:17 Flash title: Number 38. Strafing factory area. Strafing Japanese landing craft. Strafing some bldgs, aerial Bldg. on fire; much white smoke. 15:13:09 Flash title: Number 41. Strafing the factory area. 15:13:32 Strafing a small Japanese boat. 15:14:01 Flash title: Number 53. Strafing small boat. 15:14:24 Flash title: Number 350. A to A Japanese plane under attack. Strafing railroad. WW2;

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