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WWII - Color, 1945, Allied Aviation: GSAP of Strafings; Wiesbaden Children & Refugees; Strafings. 03-10Apr45

Reel Number: 250008-17

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: England,Germany,United Kingdom

Location: wiesbaden

TC Begins: 16:17:35

TC Ends: 16:30:14

Duration: 00:12:39

WWII - Color, 1945, Allied Aviation: GSAP of Strafings; Wiesbaden Children & Refugees; Strafings. 03-10Apr45 Slate: illegible. Aerial, several B-26 dropping bombs, bombs falling, explosions on outskirts of small city; planes leaving w/ smoke rising behind. 16:18:27 MS B26 from above & slightly in front (Very GOOD color). MS above formation. Good sunshine. 16:18:56 Slate: 366st FG 391st SQ. 03Apr45. GSAP. Tracer bullets during strafing run above road in village; into large buildings. Thru haze. Towards car on road; Strafing parked truck. Strafing industrial buildings in small town. 16:19:57 Slate: 366th FG, 390th SQ. Strafing near & into heavy smoke rising near forest. Strafing large concrete buildings, multiple passes. 16:21:06 Slate: illegible. Multiple strafing runs. Strafing railroad yard & trains. Strafing mine or quarry . Strafing road traffic. 16:22:22 Slate: Camera: Wiesbaden Refugees. Luzena, L-9. 16Apr45. German Kids. 16:22:41 Sunshine. Young boys riding bicycle; refugees pushing cart w/ belongings. Young girls pulling wagon / small cart. US soldiers beside army truck behind. Pedestrians, women pushing baby carriage. People walking past (looking unhappy). MCU kids smiling at camera; watching Allied soldiers. 16:23:42 Slate: 366st FG 389th SQ. 10Apr45 GSAP. Strafing run into railroad or road. Strafing steam locomotive & train. Multiple passes. 16:25:02 Slate: 10Apr10 Strip A-83 Cameraman: Sgt. Voelker V-17. Man getting haircut as USAAF watch beside tent; another sits down. Formation of planes overhead. Aerial of formation in flight. 16:26:09 Airbase w/ line of B26s taxiing (brief). GSAP strafing runs. Truck burning w/ heavy black smoke. 16:27:32 Slate: 10Apr45 366th FG 389th Sq. Code F-41. Strafing railroad; Smoking railroad yard. Other runs thru smoke, over forest. Strafing buildings at sunset. 16:28:28 Slate: illegible. Strafing railroad yard; road. 16:29:20 Slate: 366th FG, 389th SQ 10Apr45 F-33. Strafing run over forest & ?? at sunset. Strafing ?? roads, railroad. WW2; Combat Footage; Aftermath; Displacement; Military Aviation;

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