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WWII - Color, 1945, Germany : Strafing; Captured Aircraft ; Weapons; Destruction, Feb-Apr45

Reel Number: H1572-07

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany,USA

Location: wiesbaden

TC Begins: 11:12:10

TC Ends: 11:29:39

Duration: 00:17:29

WWII - Color, 1945, Germany : Strafing; Captured Aircraft ; Weapons; Destruction, Feb-Apr45 Slate: illegible except Camera: Elwood. Feb45 11:12:14 Strafing, broken clouds, industry. 11:12:58 Ground of ??, airplane fuselages, tarps covering ??. ?? on wagons. 11:13:31 Slate: illegible. 11:13:32 Strafing (over-exposed, some may be useful). Industry. 11:14:13 Row of German artillery; man beside looking thru periscope telescope, MS effect showing women frolicing in field. 11:14:46 Strafing over factories, some in residential area. Strafing bridge. MOST overexposed. 11:15:30 LS Line of women waiting in line outside corner brick building. Bus w/ belongings pulling trailer past 11:15:57 CU blond boy on sunny street in front of damaged brick apartments. Woman past street filled w/ brick rubble & destroyed buildings; high angle pedestrians past. Various shots of destroyed city. Women at notice board reading. 11:17:03 Strafing canal boats GOOD. Overturned wagon & old people beside it on road w/ US Army jeep in BG. Reloading & sorting. Woman pulling wagon w/others pushing. 11:18:11 Flash slate: Lindsay GSAP. Roll H 57B. GIs turn captured rifles in to Allied officer. CUs soldiers. 11:18:46 Germans in street, wave at passing truck w/ German or Allied soldiers; ambulance. Old trucks of ?? soldiers down cobblestone town street. 11:19:28 Flash slate: same. Roll H 70B. Allied soldiers w/ wine bottle in field of wild flowers, inspect pistol; watching peasant women in field using binoculars. 11:20:42 Flash slate: Sgt. W.R. Thomas Czech Mass Surrender. Roll no. NN12. Wapons & metal piled along roadside fence. Pan rifles. 11:21:09 Slate: Memorial 17th Division Service Roll no. NN13. 11:21:12 MCU USA, Russian & ?? flag on staffs in wind. Military band & soldiers stand w/ heads bowed, helmets over hearts. Slate: Lindsay. Roll H83. Memorial 87th Div. Service. Roll no. NN13. Chaplains / speakers at microphone, others beside on platform. CU snare drum played; MCU troops faces. Slate: Lindsay, Roll no. H84 Memorial 87th Div. Roll no. NN14. 87th HQ flag carried in front of marching troops. MCU Priest; LS troops listen. 11;24:31 Flash slate: illegible except roll no. NN16. Women print dresses, in front of enormous pile of bricks, gathering. 11:25:21 Pan largely destroyed multi-story brick buildings. Soldier & women walking thru RR underpass. illegible slate, jeep w/ red cross flag out of underpass. Old man walks past destroyed buildings; other men pushing bicycles, women walking. Road & horse cart past green garden; boys pose behind barbed wire, green trees behind. 11:26:58 Slate: 17Apr45 Wiesbaden D10. Brick building w/ LSR & arrow to basement on side, CU (air raid shelter?). 11:27:20 Overexposed (12 seconds). Radfahrweg & water point street signs in front of damaged house. 11:27:44 LS floating bridge w/ army truck traffic crossing towards buildings w/ large domed cathedral or ?? 11:28:19 Slate: 18Apr45 Wiesbaden D12. Sign: Dedicated to 3rd Army re bridge built by 2nd Bn. Army vehicles passing. CU sign. View thru life preserver of army trucks & jeeps. WW2; Children; Captured Aircraft; Aviation; GSAP;

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