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WWII - Color, 1945, Germany: Montgomery, Marshall & ??, C47 Argonaut; Berlin Refugees; P47 Thunderbolts

Reel Number: H1610-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany

Location: Berlin

TC Begins: 10:57:56

TC Ends: 11:18:36

Duration: 00:20:40

WWII - Color, 1945, Germany: Montgomery, Marshall & ??, C47 Argonaut; Berlin Refugees; P47 Thunderbolts Slate: Kelley; Berlin. General George Marshall & others to car at airport. Nose of C47 Argonaut. British Field Marshal Montgomery & ?? standing on airfield tarmac; many other officers standing around, waiting. White helmeted MPs & C-47 arrives, taxiis up, officers off. 10:59:33 People standing about in front of wrecked Berlin buildings; American civilian couple walks past, Germans walking past. 11:00:01 Mother & two girls in doorway. Truck w/ furniture outside badly damaged building, people standing in sun talking. 11:00:39 Unid. circular low stone building badly damaged. CU concrete wall, small cross on sloping roof. Destroyed buildings, piles of rubble in front; woman & refugees w/ cart walk past rubble piles & remains of buildings behind. Scattered pedestrians, refugees w/ goods on wagon past. USSR army truck w/ troops past. Bicycle parked by wrought iron fence outside apartment house ; woman pulls wagon w/ daughter & logs past. GOOD. 11:03:19 Pan fighter planes w/ motors running on airfield, bombed out building & hanger behind. P47s Thunderbolts taxi & take off past. 11:05:12 Aerial over green farms & along roads; hillside forests. Air to air of four American fighter planes in flight. 11:08:39 Aerial circling iow over heavily destroyed Berlin & Brandenburg Gate & Reichstag. Across Spree River, Industrial buildings near lake & edge of city. 11:13:16 Fighter planes taking off. Slate marking on bomb or ?? Kelley 186; over forest & hillside. Smoke rising from napalm bomb explosions seen from above small planes bombing. 11:18:09 POV landing plane on runway WW2; Destruction; Damage; Post-WW2 ; 1940s; NOTE: any consecutive 11 minutes sold at per reel rate.

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