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Your Most Valuable Intelligence Source

Reel Number: 250047-09

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1954

Country: USA


TC Begins: 21:07:03

TC Ends: 21:29:37

Duration: 00:22:34

Titles. 21:07:44 CU Admiral A.W. Radford at desk to camera SOF: “Out of the maelstrom of modern war comes the certain knowledge that the force w/ the better intelligence has the greater chance for victory.” 21:08:00 Illustration of Civil War reconnaissance & others. 21:08:57 WW2 photographic analysis. Montage of WWII Nazi troops & Nazis looking at aerial photos. 21:10:05 Sign: United States Naval Photographic Interpretation Center. Men entering, viewing photos intercut w/ WW2 bombing, maps marked. 21:10:59 General Patton. P-38s in formation & various planes flying overhead, taking off, landing. 21:11:32 Map of reconnaissance route from Brest, France to Frankfurt. Footage of strafings of railyard. 21:12:18 Color shoreline from water. WWII navy ships intercut w/ man working on photographs. 21:13:16 Color Man processing photographs; CUs pilot briefed. POV following fighter strafing airfield. 21:14:12 CU pilot w/ oxygen mask & CU of glove on stick firing guns. Strafing GSAP shots. 21:14:26 Color of photo interpreters at work; dissolve to empty desks. 21:15:18 Squadron against sky; jets taking off aircraft carrier Korea & troops marching along wide road. 21:15:45 Color Woman in uniform at main frame computer card sorter, CU sorting. Korea w/ planes over; training of photo interpretation. Intercut w/ planes; freighter & studying photos of ships. CU various cameras. Types of pictures described. Illustration of use of cameras & placement. 21:19:21 Man cranking roll of strip film over light box. Putting photos together for stereo 3-D viewing & interpreting. View of men at tables working, making notes. 21:21:20 Men viewing w/ binoculars. Navy pilots look at map. Various targets, harbor facilities from air; city from air. 21:22:36 Martin B57 Canberra taking off. Men working over stereo photographs. 21:23:17 Map of US east coast; caps of Chiefs of Staff, tilt up to briefing w/ Admiral & pointer at maps. Illustration w/ arrows re military targets. 21:24:22 Industry complexes, railroad yards. CU typewriter typing request for reconnaissance. Pilots briefed prior to mission, cameras loaded into planes & planes take off from land & aircraft carriers. Camera installed in submarine periscope & view thru periscope. Film processed, printed and handed to intelligence unit. 21:26:24 Photo interpreters begin to search the photos. Officers review & plan. Flight maps & photos given to pilots. 21:27:41 SOF Intelligence interpreter tells airman the results of bombing & strafing mission. 21:28:28 CU shelf of books on science, engineering, geography, geology. Men enter interpretation center & at work. Pedestrians in city. Night tracers firing. The End. Spying; Photographic Analysis; 1950s; Cold War; NOTE: Any continuous 12 minutes sold at per reel rate.

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