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1955 - Meat Industry, USA: From Range To Market: Production, Processing And Distribution

Reel Number: 221701-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950s,1955

Country: USA


TC Begins: 10:17:48

TC Ends: 10:27:41

Duration: 00:09:53

1955 - Meat Industry, USA - Meatpacking Titles. 10:18:15 Grassland w/ bluffs & hllls behind, in various locations. 10:18:38 Map of US w/ grasslands across the western part. 10:18:52 White face herford cattle grazing w/ cowboy. Sheep grazing. Cattle moved. 10:19:22 Map of cornbelt states shown; those that feed cattle in feedlots for fattening. 10:19:38 Cattle moved, rounding up cattle, leaving calves to grow. MS. POV past feedlot w/ large steers by large piles of corn. 10:20:31 Pigs at troughs. Lambs in pens at feedlots. 10:20:43 Map of distribution of cattle versus markets. Cattle markets shown on map. Cattle buyer on feedlot. Stockyards with buyer & lot seller in pen. Cattle moving towards cattle cars. GOOD. 10:21:52 Meat processing plant w/ carcasses hanging on overhead conveyors; hides removed & cattle gutted splitting into halves w/ large saw. Sides washed & government inspectors working, stamping approval stamp. Sides wrapped before moved to cooler. CU Marking side as prime by grader. Pointing out marbling of fat. 10:23:25 Lambs & sheep on disassembly line, into chill rooms. Chilled hogs into cutting department & hind legs & shoulders cut off. Hams skinned, on conveyor to curing cellar. Butchers on disassembly line pulling out pork loin w/ two handled knife. Spare ribs, bacon made & flattened. Trimmings separated to lean meat & fat & fat rendered. Hams wrapped and into smoke house. Wrapped for shipping after cooling. Smoked bacon moved, sliced & packages weighed & wrapped. 10:25:38 Making hotdogs & sausages, smoked, wrapped & packaged. GOOD. 10:25:58 Meat laboratory; developing other by-products for leather, lambs wool, fats for soap, bones for buttons, glands make insulin & adrenalin. 10:26:17 Montage: giving injection / shot to girl; testing by eating and taking notes. 10:26:30 Meat handlers move sides of beef & loaded; moved from trucks to iced railroad cars. Freight train past camera. 10:26:59 Butcher buying from warehouse, men unloading truck. Shopping, cooked meat cut. 10:27:26 Grass of western range. The End. Food Chain; Carnivore; Promotional Film; Meat Packing Industry; Agriculture; Harvesting Meat; 1950s; Educational Films; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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