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Canadian Province Of Manitoba, The

Reel Number: 221158-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950

Country: Canada

Location: Hudson’s bay,Manitoba,riding mountain national park,the pas,Winnipeg

TC Begins: 20:01:01

TC Ends: 20:09:49

Duration: 00:08:48

The Canadian Province Of Manitoba (1950ca) Dudley Pictures Corp. ‘This World of Ours’ series Montage: aerial views of Manitoba in central Canada. Girl ice skating. Ice boating race on frozen lake. Boating in summer. Tennis match. Golfers. Resort hotel. VO says region perfect for tourism. Two Mounties in uniform towards camera. Nuns towards cathedral. Canadian-Indian children. High shot busy modern highway w/ slow-moving traffic. Aerial Hudson’s Bay. CU plaque ‘Hudson’s Bay Company Incorporated AD 1670’. Huskies pulling sleds through snow. Products of local industry - blankets - woman models fur coat. 20:03:52 Hydro-electric plant. Countryside beef herd. INT abattoir / meat packing factory - carcasses on hooks being prepared. Red River. 20:04:47 Winnipeg - high shots & street scenes - traffic policeman in British ? uniform - pedestrians & traffic. Entrance University of Manitoba - campus scenes. Tracking shot along neat suburban street. Large railway yards. Truck along highway. Cars arriving at Riding Mountain National Park. Good shots crowded beaches along clearwater lake - kids dive in - Mounties march past - baby grabs inflatable ball - sightseeing boat & speedboat on lake - horse riding in forest - golf course - more promotional commentary re “fascinating Manitoba”. Fishing. 20:08:09 Aerial city of The Pas & Northern Manitoba. Logging & sawmill - house being built - highway construction - livestock market. More shots lakeside vacationers & watersports; lake at sunset. Travelogues. Tourist Board. North America. Fur Trade. Farming / Agriculture. Industry. Daytrippers. 1940s; 1950s traffic; Promotion; Tourism; Vacationing; Housing Construction

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