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Cutting Up (Meat Packing)

Reel Number: 220457-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1919

Country: USA


TC Begins: 03:13:03

TC Ends: 03:22:47

Duration: 00:09:44

Cutting Up Preparing and producing meat cuts from live animals. Chopping halves of pork in two; sawing ribs by hand. Loins pulled, then spare ribs. Ham cut w/ band saw. 03:14:20 Picture of various cuts of beef. Sides of beef hanging. Women boxing & packaging tins. Wilson & Co. 03:15:07 Sawing meat (Blacks & Whites working together), production line. 03:15:41 Cutting pieces of meat by hand. Hole soldered close in can. Cans on conveyor belt. 03:16:23 Lard shovelled & churned, then cut into squares by hand & packaged, women smiling & laughing. 03:17:10 Man cutting carcass w/ large axe. Scraping; Brushing inside of hanging carcasses. 03:17:39 Cattle, cows in stockyard, buyers standing & walking on fences. 03:18:11 Carcasses hang in refrigerated area. Ham, leg chopped off. Hanging cow carcasses hacked in two vertically. 03:18:56 Pigs out of railroad car; men sitting around & on top; into pens at stockyard. Cattle tight in pens, up ramp. New leather shoes. 03:19:30 Pile of hair. Car seat & child climbs onto it & sits, bounces. 03;19:54 Farm woman holding cow, bag of bone fertilizer sitting w/ squash in garden. 03:20:10 Hacking carcass in two vertically. Insides into metal pan. Half carcass hanging, cleaned; cut crossways, carried off. 03:21:42 Cows up ramps into slaughter house. Butchering & gutting hanging carcass. Cattle herded thru stock pens by men on horseback. 03:22:27 Butcher at table; men carry quarters away from table. Sheep pen in stockyard. 1920s Meat Packing Industry; Butchers; Butchering; Food; Animals;

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