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Industrial Provinces Of Canada

Reel Number: 221217-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Canada

Location: hamilton,Hudson bay,Montreal,Ontario,Ottawa,Quebec City,Toronto

TC Begins: 17:31:08

TC Ends: 17:41:44

Duration: 00:10:36

Industrial Provinces Of Canada Erpi Classroom Films Map of Canada showing areas of tundra, bushlands, commercial forests, farmland & industrial provinces of Ontario & Quebec. Map animated as narrator details Canada history & size of immigration & current population. 17:33:07 Cars across suspension bridge between Canada & US, tourists arriving in Canada. Thousand lakes area w/ boating & summer recreation. Quebec City street scene w/ horse & cart, Quebec village on St. Lawrence river, ski resort in mountains w/ rope tow. Map of Hudson Bay area re fur trade. Beavers cutting down small trees (good). 17:34:09 Montreal fur market - piles of silver fox, wolf, lynx, mink, ermine & beaver pelts sorted; auction room scenes. 17:34:27 Map showing dairying & mixed farming regions. Milk cans unloaded from truck butter & cheesemaking, wheat & hay harvest. Potatoes dug, sugar beet topped by hand, tobacco gathered, truck farming, tomatoes, fruit picking in apple orchard. 17:35:46 Logs loaded onto lumber truck during winter. Paper mill - INT wood being processed into paper via chipping & pulping. Map re Canadian newsprint production. 17:36:38 Workers out of Ontario General Motors factory - Ford factory - INT farm machinery in production, finished goods leaving on railroad cars. 17:36:59 Stockyard w/ trucks backed to pens. Livestock in pens; carcasses hanging in meat packing plant. Women & men workers in textile mill; workers out of factory. Map of water power projects. Hydro-electric plant & dam turbine room, electric transmission lines. 17:38:10 Large mine complex. Miners at work underground - ore crushed & smelted. 17:38:52 Gold ingots treated; bricks of silver; bars of copper poured & shipped. Map showing mineral distribution across region. 17:39:22 Asbestos cut out of quarry rockface & processed - vars shots uses of asbestos handled & manufactured to breaklining, sheets, firefighter’s suit. Map of export & import routes across Canada. 17:40:52 City street scenes - Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Quebec City. Shots of three major universities: McGill, University of Toronto, Queens University in Kingston. Heart-shaped optical over map of Canada w/ shots of future leaders. Travelogue; North America; Economics; Trade; Heavy Industry; Agriculture; Furriers; Mining; Manufacturing; Natural Resources;

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