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Charlie Chaplin - Various films

Reel Number: 250214-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s

Country: USA

Location: California

TC Begins: 00:00:17

TC Ends: 01:01:02

Duration: 01:00:45

Various Chaplin films Charles Chaplin (The Tramp ?) walking along gravel road in mountains, nearly rundown by car, brushes himself off w/ whisk broom; sits down by tree & pants on fire. 00:01:22 Black.. 00:01:25 UNID Charlie Chaplin pulling man riding on cart full of junk down street on trolley tracks, knocks down policeman; then on country road, up steep hill & reverse motion, nearly hit by trolley / tram. Joined by another man riding on the cart. Arrives 00:03:22 - 08:04:00 Repeat but w/ black edges. 00:04:05 Arrives at house & carries barrels, ladders up steps into house & biz w/ woman telling him what to do. 00:05:01 Black. 00:05:04 Clip from The Immigrant. Chaplin hanging over side of boat & with fish; rocking boat & people sea sick; meal time & Chaplin & old woman sliding on floor; passing out food & plates sliding. Chaplin sees girl, in love. Chaplin playing dice game w/ roughnecks. 00:10:02 Black. 00:10:34 The Champion. Chaplin w/ dog outside gym. Puts horseshoe in glove & knocks boxers out. Goes into ring 00:12:35 Black. 00:12:36 Clip from Easy Street. Shakes coins from pants in street; bad guy scaring & fighting locals. Chaplin as cop. Hits guy on head, guy bends pole w/ police box on it; Chaplin puts over head. Keystone Kops & much chasing in streets & tenement house. Bad guy carries off woman; throws her in basement w/ drug addict w/ needle & he chases her around table. 00:21:29 Addict shooting up. 00:22:37 Black. 00:22:38 The Rink. Chaplin as waiter, mixing drinks, Later titles re Mr. & Mrs. Stout. Flirting; Roller skating. Romantic scene w/ park. Roller skating & Chaplin chased on skates down street. 00:35:07 His Night Out scenes no title. Chaplin & friend (Ben Turpin?) drinking in restaurant - not in tuxedo. 00:39:57 His Night Out scenes arriving in tuxedo & getting out of taxi (Turpin driving). Chaplin goes in house & has trouble getting up stairs; has drink on spinning table. Upstairs & bouncing on Murphy bed. 00:46:40 Black. 00:46:41 The Bank Chaplin into bank & to vault, robbery. Robbers get girl; Chaplin saves her but wakes up dreaming w/ mop. 00:51:24 The Floor Walker excerpt. In Department store, on escalator, fights w/ manager. Dances & fights w/ owner. 00:56:51 Black. 00:56:55 The Pawnbroker excerpt Smashes man’s clock; old woman’s vase; cello; Jewish stereotype owner. Fighting. Chaplin gets a kiss. 01:00:49 TheTramp Classic walk-away ending along country road. Iris out. Silent Comedy; Comedians; Celebrity; Keystone Cops; NOTE: Any one continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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