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Rounders, The

Reel Number: 221138-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914

Country: USA

Location: California,Los Angeles

TC Begins: 21:49:28

TC Ends: 21:59:59

Duration: 00:10:31

The Rounders (1914) Keystone Film Company Directed by Charlie Chaplin; w/ Charles Chaplin, Roscoe Arbuckle; Minta Durfee; Phyllis Allen Well-dressed man in cape (Chaplin) & top hat enters chic hotel tripping drunkenly. Hotel valet brushes him. Chaplin enters bedroom w/ angry matronly wife. Pratfalls. 21:51:08 Roscoe Arbuckle smoking cigar into hotel & also returns to bedroom & crying wife. Matronly wife hits Chaplin’s butt w/ cane, then pillo. Fatty Arbuckle & wife fist-fight. Chaplin thrown into Arbuckle’s room by his wife; is chased out by Arbuckle’s wife. 21:53:10 The two women fight in hotel corridor. Matronly wife pushes Chaplin with her butt; men escape as wives argue. Do funny routine in corridor with canes. Drunk Chaplin in street falls, is dragged like limp doll by Fatty into posh restaurant where they cause much mischief. 21:55:45 Women find men gone; sob into each other’s arms, then go out to find them. 21:58:27 Fight at restaurant; men run off. Big chase & fist-waving. Fatty & Chaplin steal rowboat & fall asleep on it as it sinks.

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