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Making A Living

Reel Number: 221138-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914

Country: USA

Location: California,Los Angeles

TC Begins: 21:37:03

TC Ends: 21:48:42

Duration: 00:11:39

Making A Living (1914) Keystone Film Company Directed by Henry Lehrman w/ Charlie Chaplin as Conman; Mack Sennett; Chester Conklin; Virginia Kirtley; Alice Davenport; Minta Durfee; Henry Lehrman Conman tricks rich man in street into giving him money. Conman approaches mother & daughter, flirts w/ daughter. Mother kisses Chaplin on head. Rich man offers girl flowers, she refuses & refuses offered ring. Chaplin tries to leave w/ both mother & daughter. 21:40:51 The two men fight as ladies watch. Rich man thrown out by butler. Chaplin walks off with ladies. 21:41:43 Rich man in newspaper office. Chaplin sees sign ‘reporter wanted’, enters & argues w/ staff. 21:44:03 Car falls off cliff & reporter / cameraman takes photograph. He photographs CUs of accident victim crushed under car. Keystone Cop policeman & neighbours run to crashed car. Chaplin arrives & steals pictures. Chase ensues. 21:45:41 Fight w/ cameraman in woman’s bedroom. Woman finds photographer in her bed & screams. Husband attacks conman as he leaves. 21:46:18 Chaplin runs down street in past crowds and in front of trolley cars. Husband finds cameraman in bed with wife. Wife calls police out window. Woman splashes water on policeman. Chaplin brings photos to newspaper. Stacks of newspaper thrown to conman who piles them on newspaper boy cart. People buy papers. Cameraman and conman fight in Los Angeles street & pickuped up by cow-catcher on front of trolley. Frantic slapstick comedy

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