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1900s - 1929 - Aviation Development: History of Aviation Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 220640-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1903,1908,1909,1929,1900s,1920s

Country: France,Germany,USA

Location: Le Mans, Fort Myer, Issy-les-Moulineaux

TC Begins: 20:02:27

TC Ends: 20:09:09

Duration: 00:06:42

1900s - 1929 - Aviation Development: History of Aviation Pt. 1 of 2 Intertitle: “On October 20h, 1929 The Dox carried 169 passengers on a single flight”. MS of German DOX, twelve-propellers driven on six engine nacelles (pull & pusher type props) taxiing on water. Interior (dark) of people on maiden flight. The take off & landing. 20:03:19 Intertitle: 18Nov08, Wilbur Wright at Le Mans, France, made a world’s altitude record by rising 360 ft. Note the balloons to determine the altitude”. Wright aircraft in flight w/ three balloons in BG. 20:03:40 Intertile: “LLttle did he dream that man would reach an altitude of 8 miles in heavier-than-air aircraft where the temperature is always around 76 degrees below zero.” Aerial / AV over snow-capped mountains. 20:04:13 Intertitle: “The first Air Corps was born in Feb 1908 when the US army contracted for a Wright airplane to stay in the air for one hour and fly at speed of 40 mph. Lt. Lahnm, Lt. Foulois & Lt. Selfridge were detailed to aviation duty.” MS soldiers moving the Wright aircraft out of hangar building (brief). 20:04:47 Intertitle: “Lt. Lahm & Orville Wright set the World’s endurance record for one hour, 12 minutes and forty seconds” MS Lt. Lahm at controls, Orville making final preparation prior to take off, getting into plane. Wright Flyer taking off from Ft. Myer; HQ building in BG. Wright plane in flight at Fort Myer. 20:05:31 Intertitle: “Lt. Foulois & Orville Wright make first cross country flight from Fort Myer to Alexandria, Virginia & return.” CS Orville Wright, Lt. Foulois & another worker standing near the control section of the aircraft. Foulois gets into cockpit, Wright makes adjustment on aircraft motor. MS starting of engine w/ Wright & Foulois sitting in aircraft. 20:06:05 Intertitle: “Among the most successful competitors of the Wrights was Henri Farman...” Pan plane w/ 3 men working. 20:06:16 Intertitle: “Farman filled his tanks with a few gallons from a can. He made a flight at Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, in 1908.” Taking off & past. 20:06:45 Intertitle: “Louis Bleriot, distinguished French aviator...25Jul09, piloting...” (no picture) 20:07:01 Intertitle: “The History of Aviation. The turn of the century found two brothers...Wrights learned to fly by gliding...” Launching glider from German hillside & panning w/ glider into valley. 20:07:43 Intertitle: “In 1903 the Wrights...” MS still photograph of Wright brothers aircraft in flight, pilot in prone position. 20:08:03 Intertitle: “The Wrights in 1904 & 1905...at Le Mans, France on 08Aug08...” Aircraft in France w/ launching tower, weight dropping, aircraft taking off & well dressed spectators in stands watching. CU headlines of New York paper proclaiming Wright’s flight in France. 20:08:47 Intertitle re Wilbur Wright adjusting trtansporting wheel. CS placing wheel beneath wing & attaching w/ strap; MLS horse two-wheel cart pulling the aircraft across muddy field in France. Continued... Aviation History; Inventors; Inventions; Aircraft Development; Flying; Military; NOTE: 220640-08 & 220640-09 on 2 cards (20:02:27 - 20:14:35) sold at per reel price if requested. GOOD QUALITY for the material.

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