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1900s - Aviation, USA: Wright Brothers, Early Flight

Reel Number: 220640-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1903,1908,1909

Country: France,USA

Location: Ft Myer, Virginia,Kitty Hawk, NOrth carolina,LE Mans

TC Begins: 19:17:41

TC Ends: 19:20:31

Duration: 00:02:50

1900s - Aviation, USA: Wright Brothers, Early Flight Flash title. Wilbur (?) Wright placing wheel under aircraft. 19:17:49 Intertitle: “On Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk...” Photograph of plane in flight w/ Orville Wright in 1903. 19:18:07 Intertitle: “The world scoffed, but the Wrights struggled on...Wilbur Wright made the first flight in Europe, flying under French Government subsidy.” 19:18:21 CS two men pulling props through on Wright aircraft in France. Weight dropped to assist takeoff as Frenchmen stand watching; Wright plane being launched r. to l. past camera 19:18:33 Male & female VIPs in grandstand w/ military attending air show. Wright plane passing overhead. 19:18:46 Intertitle: “The same year 1908 Orville Wright won the $30,000 U,S. Army prize at Fort Myers, VA. for a sustained flight w/ a passenger.” 19:18:58 ca 26Jul09 MS Orville Wright & Lt. Lahm sitting in control section of plane. Wright aircraft being launched by catapult launching track at Ft. Myer, Virginia, headquarters buildings in BG. Wright plane in flight w/ military watching. 19:19:35 CS army personnel push the Wright aircraft across field. 19:19:40 MS soldiers removing hangar doors from storage building. 19:19:54 MS army personnel & others standing about, hanger & others behind. May be France. Inventors; Inventions; Airplane; Firsts; Flights; Demonstrations; Promotions; Celebrities; NOTE: May be combined w/ other short whole reels to maximum of 10 minutes for per reel rate.

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