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1920s International Events & Personalities

Reel Number: 220598-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1920s

Country: Austria,Germany,Italy,USA

Location: Oakland, California,Potsdam,Vienna,WEimar

TC Begins: 05:10:59

TC Ends: 05:18:43

Duration: 00:07:44

1920s International Events & Personalities Illegal liquor being seized and put into truck. Prohibition agents on rubbish tip smashing barrels and breaking bottles. Crime. 05:11:53 Short sequences of following politicians & entertainers: Semenoff, Gustav Stresemann, Flo Ziegfeld, Billy Burke, German Ebert. 05:12:52 Oakland, California Bonus Army Parade w/ flags & banners / placards: “What about 1922“, “Heros not Pests”, “We Fought Together Now Lets Stick Together“. Disabled man with one leg, w/ placard. 05:14:25 Weimar Politician Gustave Streseman standing with group in garden - laughs, ca 1923. 05:14:36 Movie Stars at Wedding: Exterior house, wedding guests & bride and groom come out onto lawns. Guests include Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks. 05:15:36 Palace of Potsdam (? ) Exterior views showing architecture / statues. 05:16:23 d’Annunzio inspects troops - makes rousing speech. Crowds of soldiers, officers carried on shoulders. 05:17:23 Vienna, Austria & Hunger. People queu for food - shops, street scenes. Wealthy looking man gives money to man and hungary & poverty stricken children. 05:17:59 MCU French President (?) Alexandre Millerand in hat in front of group of men. 05:18:05 1921 - Washington, DC: Moving Day for the President. Mrs Wilson overseas transfer of White House effects to new Capital home. Moving vans / removal lorries, furniture on pavement. Glimpses of the President’s new home - exterior shot bow window. Post-WW1; Americana; Economics; Depression; Protest; Inflation; Starvation; Politicians; Presidential Election Results;

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