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1938 ca - Egypt: Egyptian Royalty & British Occupation w/ Scottish Troops in Cairo

Reel Number: 220540-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1938,1930s

Country: Egypt,England,United Kingdom

Location: Cairo

TC Begins: 15:12:38

TC Ends: 15:19:37

Duration: 00:06:59

1938 ca - Egypt: Egyptian Royalty & British Occupation w/ Scottish Troops in Cairo Two men - Mustafa el-Nahhas Pasha (?) & another talking in courtyard w/ civilians & military standing behind. King Farouk salutes, shakes hands wi/ VIPs. 15:13:02 Slug. 15:13:04 Royal Sussex Regiment soldiers marching away past tent w/ river (?) in distance. 15:13:12 British troops march in desert behind two officers. LS Bell tents - camp. Soldiers at attention inspected; Many lined up on sand / dirt parade ground present rifles & drill; marching. March off. 15:14:11 Soldiers jog; others march w/ picks, rifles & mortars; run & fall on ground in prone attack positions. MCU officers, looking & gesturing. Soldiers shoveling as officers work. 15:14:58 Soldiers wearing gas masks set up anti aircraft gun on monopod as though to fire. 15:15:08 Officers looking at papers / maps. 15:15:20 Scottish troops wearing kilts march in town street & enter building / Christian church (?). Officer watching w/ British civilian VIPs including Miles Lampson (?) aka 1st Baron Killearn, Ambassador to Egypt & High Commissioner for the Sudan. Scottish troops drill / march away alongside church. 15:16:44 Scottish troops w/ bagpipes playing outside large Mosque of Muhammad Ali (?). MCU bagpiper. 15:18:50 High Angle / HA Mosque w/ Egyptian city / Cairo in background. Buildings 1930s; British Military; Colonialism; British Occupation; Diplomats; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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