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1947 - South Africa: Natives Welcome British Royalty. Mar47

Reel Number: 220656-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1947,1940s

Country: England,South Africa,United Kingdom

Location: Basutoland,British Crown Colony

TC Begins: 23:17:45

TC Ends: 23:18:57

Duration: 00:01:12

1947 - South Africa: Natives Welcome British Royalty LS over dancers & onlookers as Basutoland Zulus, some wearing strange headdresses, doing traditional tribal dancing. MCUs. Mass of natives on horseback traveling to capital to see Royal visitors. 23:18:15 King George VI, Queen Elizabeth & princesses Elizabeth and Margaret in motorcade drive down crowd lined road accompanied by horseback riders, past crowds lining road. 23:18:33 Good CU royals riding in car & reviewing. Native crowds. 1947; British Royal Visit; British Crown Colony; This complete reel may be combined w/ other complete reels to total maximum of ten minutes for per reel rate.

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