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1951 - USA: Ben-Gurion Arrives in New York

Reel Number: 220644-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1951,1950s

Country: Israel,USA

Location: Washington, DC

TC Begins: 06:10:10

TC Ends: 06:14:54

Duration: 00:04:44

1951 - USA: Ben-Gurion Arrives in New York El Al aircraft landing. Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion w/ wife down aircraft steps & greeted, CU. Walking w/ Abba Eban & others; CU. 06:10:48 2nd camera, repeat. El Al plane taxiis, David Ben-Gurion & wife w/ Abba Eban, Ambassador to USA & United Nations & party walk towards camera. CU Ben-Gurion standing in front of microphones; CU Abba Eban. Repeats. At microphones w/ other newsreel cameras visible. Posing; walking to car 06:12:53 Car l& motorcade leaving. 06:13:10 CU Star of David on tail of Constellation aircraft. Israel National Airlines on fuselage. 06:13:19 SOF Ben-Gurion reading from notes: “On the eve of the 3rd Anniversary of Israel’s Declaration of Independence I bring to the American people the warm greetings of the people of Israel, and our gratitude for the unfailing sympathy of America of our efforts for Independence & regeneration. The friendship between your great Republic, vast in area & population, rich in resources & experience, and the very young & infinitely smaller Democracy which I represent is rooted deep in the common spiritual heritage. Our war of Independence, fought after 6 millions of our people have been exterminated by the Nazis, proves once again that the cause of justice painfully pursued must triumph in the end. In our revival we have been inspired by the message of our bible and by the traditions of our ancient history which elevates the dignity of man & the principal of justice which commands us to love our neighbor. Edit (?). 06:14:38 “We humbly believe that by constructive work & the Liberty & Peace we shall vindicate the trust we reposed in our future.” 1950s Diplomacy;

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