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1954 - Colour & B/W, Cold War, USA: U.S. Overseas Information Program Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 220540-03

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1954,1950s

Country: Brazil,Philippines,USA

Location: Cebu,Rio De Janeiro,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 15:19:54

TC Ends: 15:37:09

Duration: 00:17:15

1954 - Colour & B/W, Cold War, USA: U.S. Overseas Information Program Pt. 1 of 2 Titles. 15:20:17 SOF, Theodore C. Streibert, director USIA, seated at desk w/ map of western hemisphere behind speaks: “Throughout the world there is widespread misunderstanding of the United States. The Communists are quick to take advantage of this in the lies they are spreading about us....we must combat Soviet propaganda. This is the job of the United States Information Agency....“ 15:21:19 VO of map showing Russian expansionist aims; & speaking of propaganda used by USSR to cause North Korea to attack South Korea in “fanatical onslaught against their brothers”. Chart of costs. 15:22:24 Animated Eagle & Hate America Campaign. 15:22:43 Montage of B/W American films cut together by USSR to show American decadence: beauty shows, nightclubs, dog manicure, etc. Intercut w/ scenes of depression; slums; Black soldiers as “ornamental”; Black poverty / ghetto; police violence, breaking up demonstration. 15:25:43 Colour. Russian poster portraying US atrocities in Korea; other Soviet propaganda posters. 15:26:20 Map showing Free World as “2/3 of all people.” Commentary says much of Free World is uninformed about America - Graphic showing French opinions / ideas of Americans. 15:27:20 Montage around the world showing importance of raw materials & locals working to produce; native peoples living in poverty & fighting disease. 15:28:09 Man “communist agitator “ inciting - pro communist demonstration. 15:28:36 Graphics re Deeds more important than words. Still photo President Eisenhower watching as Dr Streibert takes oath of office. Graphic showing how Overseas Information Programs, previously carried out by The Mutual Security Agency & State Department are now combined into US Information Agency, “to unite the peoples of the Free World against Communism; to get the facts to the people behind the Iron Curtain; to bring hope to the captive people.” Map showing agencies of USIS / US Information Service. 15:30:03 B/W Public Affairs officer walking along Rio de Janeiro, Brazil street. In office w/ US Ambassador. Brazilian Foreign Office exterior & interior meeting w/ Cultural Division Chief. 15:30:42 Thomas Jefferson Library in Rio w/ USIS Film programme department & Radio department. 15:31:04 Cebu, Philippines street scenes, ext. USIA building. USIS pamphlets; city bus; PAO visiting mayor of Cebu; w/ newspaper editors; USIS local radio broadcast. PAO w/ locals having coffee. USIS truck w/ loudspeakers arrives in remote village. Man pinning up pamphlet on side of hut which has Coca Cola sign. Portable movie / film screen erected - villagers turning out for motion picture. 15:32:50 Colour. Washington, DC exterior USIA building. Interior, meeting. Graphic listing USIA methods. 15:33:21 B/W SOF 16Apr1953 President Eisenhower addresses leaders of American press at dinner. Ike speaks re peace, makes anti Communist remarks. 15:34:22 B/W & Colour. Graphics & stills showing how the text of the Presidents speech was distributed throughout the World. Pamphlets, posters. Photographs: US Information Centers round the world, portable libraries, cultural activities & effect on Communists. Cold War; Government Propaganda; Anti-Communism; Ant-Communist; 1950s; NOTE: Partial or entire card sold at per reel rate.

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