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1975 - Colour, Space Race, USA Documentary: The World Was There Pt 1 of 3

Reel Number: 220709-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961,1962,1970s,1975

Country: USA

Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida,Hawaii,New York City,NYC,Patrick AFB, Florida,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 07:00:11

TC Ends: 07:29:03

Duration: 00:28:52

1960s - 1970s - Colour, Space Race, USA Documentary: Press Coverage of Space Missions Ticker-tape parade for astronauts; cameras. Press conference. On-site television broadcasting unit. Astronauts shuttled to rocket in van. Developing photographs in lab. 1959 Washington DC press conference. Astronaut rescued from sea after flight in space capsule. Activities on board recovery ship. Rocket launch. CU Al Shepard in spacesuit inside rocket. Magazine coverage of Project Mercury. JFK awards medal to Alan Shepard for first US suborbital flight. Teletype & radio announcements re Grissom launched. Helicopter lands; Grissom on phone being congratulated (brief). VO Grissom talking to press & Grissom lifted from sea by helicopter. Space capsule dropped in sea. Scrolling zipper sign Times Square? re John’s Glenn flight in orbit. Glenn in space suit without helmet. Countdown at Cape Canaveral. Scrolling text; Glenn puts on helmet, to van, handshake w/ astronaut. Rocket launch; spectators with binoculars looking up as rocket lifts off; reporters. Rescue ship & pulling out / retrieving capsule; Glenn shakes hands on deck. 07:09:24 Headlines “Washington Welcomes John Glenn”. Crowd waiting at gates White House; Glenn w/ President Kennedy / JFK & VP Johnson; in motorcade thru cheering crowds. Glenn speech to Congress. 07:11:40 Headlines re astronaut Scott Carpenter’s flight. Preparations and launch. Globe turning. Rescue ship. Radar. Carpenter out of capsule & pulled up; kissing wife & children. 07:12:57 Walter Schirra’s six-orbit engineering test flight, rocket at launch pad. Reporters & cameramen. Launch. Spectators. Stories and photos transmitted by wire. TV newsreader / announcer announces flight. CU Schirra inside rocket. Rescue ship & Schirra out of capsule. 07:14:55 Mercury news center; press delegates / reporters on phone; sheets out of photocopier / copy machine. Press conference. Gordon Cooper puts on spacesuit; radar; Cooper into transfer van; reporters on phone at press site. Reporters from various countries, TV cameramen etc. Television broadcasting station. CU tape. Launch; spectators with binoculars. 07:19:29 TV screen showing B/W rocket “Sioux City KTIV 4”. London Tower bridge; LS Paris w/ Eiffel Tower. Acropolis. Gordon Cooper inside rocket. Photographs drying on line. Printing press, newspaper boy delivers paper. Radar & antennas on rescue boat. 07:20:19 New York City skyline at night; at dawn. Collecting milk & newspaper on doorstep. Control center & Gordon Cooper in capsule. News briefing by flight manager. Film cameraman. TV screen w/ B/W rocket icon. VO re flight problems - reporters listening; men on deck rescue ship. CU loudspeaker. Spacecraft falls in sea w/ parachute & helicopter rescue; capsule pulled out of water, Cooper out. Letter being typed re Cooper looking forward to seeing his family again. Cooper out of helicopter in Hawaii mobbed by reporters. Hawaiian hula dancers. Cooper & wife in motorcade. Cooper cheered. 07:24:32 Cooper & wife arrival at Patrick AFB - hundreds of spectators & newsmen; motorcade. Welcome signs. Cooper’s press conference w/ TV screens & TV cameras. 07:27:29 Cooper speech, speaks to Congress - explains reasons for naming capsule “Faith VII”. MCU journalist asking question. Flashing red light. Rocket launch pad at night and dawn. 07:28:42 Newspaper headline “ Gemini Flies Today!” - selling papers in city street. Space. Broadcasting, TV, media, radio, journalists; 1963; NASA; Project Mercury; NOTE: Any continuous 15 minutes sold at per reel rate.

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