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1984 - Colour, Cold War: High Frontier - A Defense That Defends

Reel Number: 220533-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1984

Country: USARussia


TC Begins: 00:04:44

TC Ends: 00:18:00

Duration: 00:13:16

1984 - Colour, Cold War: Film about Strategic Defence Initiative aka Star Wars Two Reels Retired General Daniel Graham ptc / introduction re his being director of High Frontier and sometimes called the father of SDI. Still of his large family who are “ forced to live unprotected “ 00:05:27 Soviet / Russian inter continental ballistic missile ICBM launch. Graham to camera re how America is unprotected against Russian missiles, front cover book “ High Frontier A New National Strategy “ 00:06:01 Missile launched, newspaper cuttings re Star Wars. Graham ptc. Symbol of SDI. 00:06:45 Following shows what might happen in the event of attack on USA. Three Russian ICBM missiles launched from base in Siberia. American pilots scramble - Presidential helicopter takes off from Washington DC. NORAD tracking station, radar dishes. Street scenes Washington DC - Capitol - pedestrians - traffic. 00:07:28 Montage US aircraft - missiles launched. 00:07:46 President Reagan with Gorbachev meeting 00:08:00 Mid 1960s White House exteriors, interiors Johnson (LBJ) and others round table. 00:08:08 Acronym MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction. Montage planes / missiles / control rooms. Includes good shot underwater launch of Polaris missile. Control room, hands turns dial to launch - missile launched. 00:08:56 1983 Exterior White House at night - interior President Reagan address re SDI. Speech continued over shots of Space Shuttle launch. Reel 2 00:09:47 10Jun1984 US launch replica of Soviet missile warhead from California - Launch of non-nuclear interceptor rocket - animation of US rocket intercepting “ Russian “ missile. Animation intercut with actuality of missile launch and interception. Animation showing three different systems which SDI would employ. 00:12:02 Animation of defensive satellite which would fire new gun called Tround Cloud gun which would fire multiple pellets - animation shows how pellets would destroy missile. Animation showing “ Phases of Attack “ Animated map of US. Animation showing earth from space and missile interception. US plane carrying missiles - workers erecting ?. Animation of earthbound defences which would fire high velocity salvos at any enemy warheads which got through. Swarm jet defensive system - Graham holding one of small rockets about nine inches long. Tround Cloud gun - firing steel darts. AV and ground views defence base. Animation missile interception. 00:15:07 missile launch. Graphic re defence budget. Animation intercut with actuality re laser defence weapons. Silo like container exploded by lasers. 00:15:55 Montage - Russian missiles - control room - cosmonauts training - rocket launch - Brezhnev with military officer / cosmonaut. 00:16:25 Interiors Reagan with Gorbachev and on walkabout. 00:16:32 Missile launch and animation of SDI.Montage missile launches. Animation SDI. Atomic explosion. Anti-Communism;

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