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1988 - President Reagan at Strategic Defence Initiative Symposium

Reel Number: 220534-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1988

Country: USA


TC Begins: 02:49:00

TC Ends: 03:04:51

Duration: 00:15:51

1988 - President Reagan at Strategic Defence Initiative Symposium President Reagan at SDI conference “ The First Five Years “ ( Star Wars ) speaking in front of black background. SOF “...If we can stop the madness from continuing into the next century, we can create a better & more secure, more moral world where peace goes hand in hand w/ freedom from fear forever. Thank you all very much, God bless you all. “ 02:49:20 Camera pulls back. Applause - Reagan w/ Edward Teller (in white sweater). 02:49:59 SOF President presented w/ documents - man makes speech re future hopes of SDI team. 02:51:34 President Reagan walking with Sen. Howard Baker & others across White House lawn to waiting cars. Shots POV rear of motorcade leaving White House drive. Tracking - Motorcade along Washington DC streets lead by police escort into underpass - camera jumpy. 02:54:34 Edward Teller seated at table awaiting arrival of President. Reagan enters to “ Hail to the Chief “ Delegates applauding. Nice shot Reagan smiling. Reagan applauded as he takes seat. CUs various at head table. 02:55:58 Reagan gets up speaking at microphones (NB camera rushes - low sound, lots of cutaways) Shots of audience listening - applauding. Reagan w/Teller. Audience applause. President presented w/ folder. President leaving. 03:01:52 Police motorcycles, some w/ sidecars along street - police cars. Presidential car past. 03:02:30 POV following motorcade on Rock Creek Parkway, camera jumpy. Motorcade arriving at White House, President walking up path w/ Senator Howard Baker other men. SDI speech; Military Weapons Research;Reagan leaves, shaking hands. Conference breaking up. Military Weapons Research;

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