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Castro Cuba & Communism - Danger on Our Doorstep Reel 1

Reel Number: 220667-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1952-1955

Country: Chile,Cuba,USA

Location: Havana,Santiago

TC Begins: 18:41:07

TC Ends: 18:53:10

Duration: 00:12:03

Castro Cuba and Communism - Danger on Our Doorstep An expose of Cuban politics, showing the rise and fall of Fulencio Batista, Roman Grau San Martin, and subsequent rise of Fidel Castro. Montage 1953 demonstrations against Batista's government, Castro with crowds etc. 18:42:00 Stockshots Cuba - Havana street scenes - natives cut sugar cane - cane transported by truck. Luxurious hotels - gambling in casino. 18:42:45 US base at Guantanamo - airfield - USAF officers talking. 18:43:05 1952 Some Reconstruction ? Batista stages coup with cooperation of army. Troops getting guns - arming tanks to move on Presidential palace. Pilot into plane. Police action. Warships in harbor. Cars approaching Presidential Palace. President Socarras surrounded by listening men. Mexican Embassy where President takes refuge. Batista with crowds. Cameras. Cuban flag superimposed over book of the Constitution. 18:45:18 Exterior Mexican Embassy interior President Carlos Prio Socarras - President, wife & family leaving for Mexico. 18:45:38 Batista with new Cabinet meeting. Students demonstrate against Batista’s withdrawal of all civil rights by burying in mock funeral copy of the Constitution. Exterior police station - prisoner under interrogation. Meetings & demonstrations against Batista. José A. Echeverría addressing students in street. 1955 Street demos and riots - police violence - shootings. Student leader carried on stretcher to hospital where he later dies. Student leaders funeral - demonstrators carry coffin - mass of student demonstrators. Effigy of Batista hung outside radio station. Students run to University for sanctuary - police arrest ring leaders. 18:48:09 Student trials - defense lawyer Navarro ?. Police cars & vans transporting students. Newspaper headlines - still photograph of body of student killed by police. Communists arrested. Interior minister meets w/ media re censorship. Newspaper presses. Car w/ Censura painted on bonnet. Crowds. 18:49:24 Intertitle: 26th July 1953. Castro revolutionary troops crossing field - Moncada Army Barracks near Santiago; unsuccessful attack, garrison troops w/ guns walking among bodies lying in courtyard. 18:50:02 Castro (no beard ) w/ supporters. Soldiers from Moncada barracks going thru clothing of dead revolutionaries. Army commander who beat off attack. Wounded soldier in hospital bed. Dead soldiers buried w/ military honors. Police force searching for arms. Police Chief General Salas Canizares w/ arms at press conference. Bomb damaged buildings in Santiago. Police search for arms. Raul Castro ? 1953 Anti-Batista meeting. Students riot - demonstrations - injured on stretcher. 1955 Amnesty Fidel and Raul Castro and others freed from prison - celebrations.

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