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Cuba Waits

Reel Number: 220666-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959-1961

Country: Cuba Russia USSRUSA,Russia

Location: Havana New York Moscow

TC Begins: 17:00:06

TC Ends: 17:08:44

Duration: 00:08:38

Cuba Waits Latin-American band and dancers - carnival. Havana coastline - skyline - street scenes - hotels - traffic. Cubans on streets - workers - industry - sugar cane fields - cutting cane. Irrigation of fields. Agriculture - farmer with ox-drawn plough / plow. Dairy cattle. Street market - fruit stalls. 17:02:26 Poverty in Cuba. Hungry children - shanty towns. Cuban police / army. Batista votes in elections. Moody shot revolutionaries walking in fields with the sun behind them. Castro and his troops in mountains - training and fighting - firing weapons. 17:03:48 1959 - Batista overthrown - street demonstrations - Castro arrives in Havana surrounded by jubilant crowds. Good shots Castro making speech from balcony ( mos ) gesticulating wildly. Pages turn of book re Constitution of the Republic of Cuba. New President Manuel Urrutia. 17:05:02 Castro visit to US. Motorcade - crowds waving flags - Castro waving outside Suttons Gift shop. Castro lays wreath on Lincoln memorial. Castro at press conference. Castro at microphones ( sof ) speaking in English denies he is a Communist, 17:05:45 In Havana - Castro, Che Guevara and others preside over show trials - small boy denounces. Newspaper presses not running. Exterior Communist newspaper offices Hoy. News stand with Communist propaganda and magazines. Small statue head of Lenin. Jan 1960 Mikoyan visits - waves from aircraft steps - press photographers. Mikoyen opens Russian trade fair. Castro looking into microscope. Evening reception, Castro drinking wine. Che Guevara with camera taking photo of Mikoyan wearing straw hat with Cuba on. 17:07:15 Moscow - Che Guevara meets with Khrushchev, trade agreement for Cuba’s sugar signed by Mikoyan & Guevara. 17:07:44 Port of Havana - Russian ship - imported guns. Army marching with guns. Anti-aircraft guns. Russian tanks in parade. Castro watches, smoking cigar and wearing large glasses. Ends abruptly. Cold War;

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