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Reel Number: 220677-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1936



TC Begins: 11:06:59

TC Ends: 11:09:50

Duration: 00:02:51

GRAMOPHONE ON KOLKHOZ - STALIN AT 8TH PARTY CONGRESS - Voting Si. Girls & boys out of caravan. Girl combs hear in field, tractor in BG. Family eats at the table outdoors, CU gramophone on side of the table. CUs youngsters eating. Collective farm outdoor canteen - menu on table. People at the table, man w/ newspaper. High angle of canteen territory, people at long tables, music band w/ big trumpets. 11:07:26 Woman calls kids to lunch outside trailer house, kids sit at long table & play w/ toy tanks; little boy plays toy accordion. 11:07:37 Women in garden make Stalin needlepoint portrait. 11:07:42 Brief shot lorry w/ people holding flags in the back, drives through country road. 11:07:45 8th All Union Congress of Soviets. Applause as Stalin on podium pours glass of water & drinks it, wipes his mouth & start his speech (SOF). Kalinin listening to the speech. High angle of audience. Close shot of Stalin, continues his speech, holds up his hands, praises communism. Public applaud; vars shots Party officials applauding incl. Kruschev, Voroshilov, Mikoyan. Stalin walks back to his seat between VIPs next to Molotov. 11:08:54 Si. Demonstration, people on street w/ posters of Stalin & Molotov, posters say 26th of June - women in traditional dresses wave w/ flowers. Lorries w/ people on the back w/ flags through village. 11:09:00 Votes into ballot box, shots of people voting in various polling stations. Soldiers enter room and place their votes. On ship sailors place votes & walk out onto deck. Woman in traditional outfit puts vote in to box. Soldiers in military base outdoors line up to place their votes. 11:09:24 Molotov, Mikoyan, Voroshilov & Stalin walk down corridor, place their votes, Molotov puts his in one box and Stalin points that he will put in other. People enter & exit voting cabins, Kalinin places his vote in box. Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

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