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Misc. USSR - Georgian Scenes - Famine - Trotsky - Lenin Funeral - Farming

Reel Number: 220674-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1920s

Country: Georgia,Russia,USSR

Location: Georgia,Moscow

TC Begins: 06:37:33

TC Ends: 06:47:23

Duration: 00:09:50

Misc. USSR - Georgian Scenes - Famine - Trotsky - Lenin Funeral - Farming 1929? Children in rowing boats. 5 Georgian men sitting in field talking & smoking; CU Georgian man talking. GVs village; overview of people working in village; CU children & women sitting around. CU woman cooking over open fire, child beside her; vars shots women & children w/ cooking pots on open fires (famine ?). GVs temporary camp - DPs sitting around - cooking - women and children 06:39:23 GVs Graveyard with crosses. Train stopped & people milling about - living in carriages?; men eating; man chopping firewood; young boy sitting with his head in his hands 06:39:45 Street market near lake. 06:40:07 Nurses examining undernourished people; injections. Women collecting hot water from communal tap. Town square crowded w/ camels & carts. 06:40:45 Soldiers parading through Red Square; Soviet officials - Stalin, Kalinin etc. - watch parade; CU Voroshilov on horseback in uniform; soldiers march past saluting. 06:41:32 Horses & carts through village; children run to meet them. 06:41:49 Trotsky making speech from train; people trying to catch papers that have been scattered; soldiers on horseback; Trotsky in crowd talking. Trotsky on boat wearing leathers. Lenin makes speech. 06:42:30 Vars shots Lenin funeral 1924 - coffin carried by Kalenin, Kamenev, Stalin, Zinoviev and others. - INT CU mourners inc. widow Krupskaya, Martinov, Lunacharsky. 06:43:15 Dock scenes - ships at harbour; soldiers on board ship; band playing as officer comes on board. Men digging in field; young man holding Red Flag; horses ploughing; early tractor. 06:44:33 Scenes from 06:41:49 onwards repeated - Trotsky speeches, Lenin funeral, ships, farming. Russia / Georgia / USSR. Communist Party. Rural Life. Poverty. Malnutrition. Agriculture.

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