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Misc. USSR - Georgian Scenes - War Atrocities

Reel Number: 220674-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s-1920s

Country: Georgia,Russia,USSR

Location: Georgia,Moscow

TC Begins: 06:19:05

TC Ends: 06:29:16

Duration: 00:10:11

Misc. USSR - Georgian Scenes - War Atrocities 1929? Overview town set in valley; two men on horseback; GVs Georgian landscape - rocky mountain road; vars shots & CUs of peasants; INT men drink toast; LS monastery. POV down winding road. High shots across town on banks of river; vars street scenes. Oil rig on the water. More street scenes; band playing at outdoor restaurant; CU woman eating; CU old Georgian woman; POV tracking shot along street w/ carts 06:23:02 Construction site / quarry - shot blasting 06:23:24 Trotsky w/ unid. man, both in uniform. Dead bodies strewn on the ground; line of naked corpses around courtyard; men carry body on stretcher & put it into line w/ other bodies; CUs bodies; CU dead man slumped in corner; digging up mass graves; bodies carried out of grave; human limbs poking out of earth; people stand looking at grave. More bodies. Women in courtyard - waiting to identify bodies? INT cellar where people murdered? Bodies laying in undergrowth. CU men’s faces. 06:28:03 GVs people milling around; walking along street; crowd cheering soldiers as they march through town. Russia / Georgia / USSR. Rural Life. Atrocities; 1920s;

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