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Misc. USSR: Lenin Funeral - Stakhanovites - Trotsky In Mexico - 22nd Party Congress

Reel Number: 220675-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1910s,1924,1937,1940s,1961

Country: Mexico,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 08:05:03

TC Ends: 08:12:20

Duration: 00:07:17

Misc. USSR: Lenin Funeral - Stakhanovites - Trotsky In Mexico - 22nd Party Congress INT Lenin funeral 1924 - body lying in state - CU Stalin - CU body of Lenin - other CUs inc. Kalinin & Voroshilov. 08:06:10 Grain sacks being counted and checked - loaded onto barge. Mining underground 1930s - miner w/ drill - sign in Russian re miner who achieved / exceeded yearly target - miner out of mine entrance & applauded - Stakhanov ? 08:07:05 Red Square parade 1940s? - English narration starts re 1937 Purges - Stalin on mausoleum w/ Molotov, Beria et al. 08:07:47 Trotsky in exile, Mexico: Trotsky w/ wife - in group inc. Frida Kahlo w/ police guard - brief shot Trotsky face obscured & Diego Rivera - CU Frida Kahlo & Trotsky’s wife - CU Trotsky. Trotsky making anti-Stalin speech in English as at 07:43:50 - “...warm thanks to the Mexican people...monstrous and absurd accusations were hurled at me and my family in Norway...false confessions extorted by modern inquisitorial methods...” - mentions show trial of Zinoviev & Kamenev & “irresponsible despotism” - “I have nothing to hide...” - promises to make available private papers to expose the “Moscow frame-ups” - “a counter-trial is necessary...” - says GPU has fallen to level of Nazi Gestapo - “...there is not a stain on my honour”. NB Small chance this is a Trotsky impersonator but background matches that seen in earlier shots w/ Kahlo. 08:11:35 22nd Soviet Party Congress 1961 - Khruschev applauded onto stage - VO re Kruschev repeating Trotsky’s accusations against Stalin - Ho Chi Minh present? Russia. Communist Party. Artists - South America. NOTE: Many light analog glitches in source tape: 08:06:04:00; 08:06:10:16; 08:06:14:18; 08:06:15:04; 08:07:45:22; 08:08:18:17; 08:08:26:07; 08:10:18:09.

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