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NASA at Work - 1972

Reel Number: 220532-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1972

Country: Russia,USA,Wallis And Futuna

Location: Jupiter,Mars,Moon,Moscow,Outer Space,Virginia,Wallis Island

TC Begins: 06:29:55

TC Ends: 06:40:55

Duration: 00:11:00

Pre title montage - rocket launch; radar tracking; solar panels; wind tunnel; space. 06:30:30 NASA at Work - More Moon Exploration - 1972 06:30:54 Presenter Lynn Bondurant to camera introduces Episode 8 1972 & 1973. 06:31:26 Title: Mariner to Mars. Mariner 9 in laboratory w/ technicians. Still pictures of surface of Mars. 06:32:21 Title: Pioneer to Jupiter. Pictures, launch of Pioneer 10 - animation of proposed orbit. 06:33:02 Title: Copernicus Star Gazer. Orbiting astronomical observatory on ground - technicians - equipment - telescope. 06:33:38 Title: Small Astronomy Satellite. Rocket w/ Italia on side - launched from platform in Indian Ocean. 06:34.00 Title: Sounding rockets - launch from Wallis Island Virginia; tracking rockets. 06:34.22 Title: Earth Resources - High altitude plane take off. Data / pix of Earth. Scientists at Photographic Technology Branch studying large format film coming out of processor. 06:34:48 Title: Weather Watcher. Nimbus research & development weather satellite animation - clouds 06:35:10 Title: Communications Satellites. Satellites in lab, launch. 06:35:28 Title: Aeronautics. Jet plane testing Apollo flight control system w/ onboard digital computer. 06:35:51 Title: Wind Tunnel Research. Model aircraft testing in wind tunnel, seen on video. 06:36:15 Title: STOL - Short take off and landing aircraft. Test flights & landing. 06:36:37 Title: Noise abatement - engines mounted on stand tested. 06:37:04 Title: Lifting Body. Wingless M-2 dropped over desert area testing for space shuttle. 06:37:26 Title: Manned Spaceflight. President Nixon in Russia signs agreement w/ Kosygin re proposed US / USSR rendezvous in space. Technicians w/ models. 06:37:50 Title: Preparing for Skylab. Astronauts Crippen, Thornton, Bobko enter altitude chamber to collect medical data over 50 days. Simulator. Animation Skylab. 06:38:28 Title: Apollo 16 and 17 - Astronauts into coach to launch pad. Shots in space of landing module. Lunar buggy on moon. GOOD. Summary shots: Launch of Apollo - Stills sequence on moon. Earth from space - splashdown and retrieval, arriving on ship. GOOD stills & footage. 06:40:33 Lynn Bondurant wraps up 1972 & introduces 1973. Space Exploration History; Promotional Film;

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